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Why are my pictures so noisy?

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    That's right, Alan. But I wouldn't even consider getting a new one until knowing the actual one. That was my point.

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      Well, but getting good shot with a P&S is much harder then with a DSLR, even if both are on automode. And changing aperature and ISO is often so awkward on a P&S, as you canīt do it quickly and have to go deep in the menue, which often means you will miss a shot.
      The learning curve is steeper on a DSLR, but when I look at the noise of the current camera, then I think a switch is a good idea, regardless if you understand the camera fully or not. A P&S at ISO 50 just makes live very hard at anything then perfect conditions.
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        I know that this is an old case, but I have started reading a book on digital photography and realize that I have been doing something (very?) wrong. I have been shooting in 'macro' mode the whole time, which I now know is a mode for very close objects. Could this be a culprit for the high noise?


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          This might be the problem i am having aswell. Too much noise, not as sharp. I have changed my settings to the highest image siz and an ISO of 50 cause i always used to have it on Auto and not get that good results, im going to try it on monday and see what happens. its forecast to be perfect conditions on monday so hopefully the results will be good. id like to know about that macro mode though, i think mine might be set to on aswell, and cause im new to this i didn't know to put it off.