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Planning Short Trip To Zurich (zrh) Nov 22nd - 26th

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    Originally posted by philip
    Okay Dan, I see. So you have been on the deck with the restaurant and kids playground? (static Helicopter,...) I'm asking because I have been to ZRH dozens of times but never managed to get the Alps in the background.
    Satic Helicopter hmmm......


    I didnt shoot that A330 from there though. On the map below I have circled the two decks. The first one is the main deck with the static helicopter and the resturant that try's to sell you chicken nuggets and chips for 10 lol. The deck further down is where you can shoot the departing planes as they climb past the alps with a long zoom a bit of cropping and of course good visibility

    A bus takes you from the main viewing deck (down some stairs at the far corner after buying a ticket) to the remote deck.

    Hope this helps!
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      If that is the way your fly a helicopter, next time count me out of the ride . I sort of figured your shots was taken from the secondary obervation deck. The secondary observation deck you mentioned is open I think around the time you went and closes for Fall and Winter; I believe with my luck it will close again. I actually happy with the Heliport but man would I not mind getting those shots from the secondary observation deck.

      Looking forward to hearing from you when you get to AUS. I will be in BKK on Holiday from Dec 14th - 26th. Not sure what you are doing for the holiday but if you feel like dropping by BKK for a few days you more than welcome to. Drop me a new contact when you get there. Have a safe trip mate.

      Cheers - Jay


      Hey mate... I am really sorry but I cannot change my schedule, If I moved my vacation a week late my boss probably wouldn't be too happy with me leaving again in two weeks heading home for the holidays on Dec 18th. I will be heading back to ZRH from Bern on the Nov 24th so can can head directly to the airport to spot with you. Just let me know what your plans are.

      Cheers - Jay


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        Originally posted by marco_polo
        This open to all mates and not just the one I know on here , but I am planning a quick Thanksgiving get-away spotting trip to ZRH on NOV 22nd - NOV 26th.
        Originally posted by marco_polo
        I am only going to be in ZRH for 3 days and then off to other parts of Switzerland. If you can, try to get there between NOV 18th - NOV 21st.
        Sorry Jay. I don't follow you. First you are saying you'll be at ZRH on Nov. 22 til 26 and now Nov. 18-25. Please clarify on this. If I do go, I'll get there on nov. 24.

        Ahhh, sorry Jay. I didn't get to read your previous response since I was at work when I typed this and had a limited amount of time. I thought you were planning on going to zurich by yourself. I wish I could go unless if anyone else will be there from Nov. 24 to 26.