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  • Nikon Lens advice.

    I'm looking into getting a new lens for my D50 at some point. The one I have now was used and is ok until around 240-300mm, when softness really starts getting bad. I want the 80-400VR but since it costs 1400 bucks that's not really a possibility for me. I saw this one and it seemed like it might be decent I guess. Anybody on here ever use it? What kind of results does it get at the higher focal lenghts? (240-300mm). How can I tell if it would be better than my current one?
    Any help's appreciated.

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    Sigma 80-400 only $1000 .

    The Nikon looks almost identical to my 75-300 in specs. So it doesnt look like you'll be getting a big boost at all, especially since it's a cheap one too. Save money (even though you don't have a job ) and get an expensive one.

    EDIT: Most lenses get soft at the end anyways


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      If you can't afford something like a 70-200mm 2.8 or 80-400mm VR id save instead of buying a cheaper lense. I used the 70-200mm on my D50 and it worked a treat.
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        Well that is option I would avoid the non ED Nikon is really not worth the effort.

        The ED is better, but nore expensive and I doubt it makes much of a difference to the newest Tamron DI 70-300 or the newest Sigma 70-300 which people seem to like as well.

        Another option is the coming AF-S 70-300 VR Nikon, whic hshould be released in the next few ,months and could be an excellent spotter solution.

        If you want to go for a new lense now, I would recommend the Sigma 100-300 4.0 HSM. That is nearly professional grade, or The Nikon 80-200 AF-D, which is second to non if you talk about sharpness.
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          A general rule in photography:

          More $$$ = Better Quality

          It's always hard to find a good value for money compromise


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            This site has high quality reviews for Nikon Lens from a very well respected photographer.



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              Well thanks for the replies guys. I'm just gonna be happy with what I have for now and try to scrape up some money for the 80-400VR.


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                smart man right there...

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