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  • Photo Tips from Crew

    Here are some tips from the Crew to help
    you get desireable results from your photos.

    Film recommendations: for prints use 100 ISO in good
    sun and in overcast use 200 ISO. Recommended print
    films, Fuji Reala 100, Kodak Gold 100, Kodak Supra
    100. For slides use such slide film as Kodachrome 64,
    Fuji Provia or Sensia 100 in good sun. All these films
    are fairly reasonable in price.

    Scanning and Editing tips for prints and slides:

    If you are scanning prints on a flatbed scanner, for
    desireable results scan anywhere between 300-600dpi.
    When finished scanning save as a .TIF file.

    If you are scanning slides basically use the same
    settings as scanning prints always remembering to save
    as .TIF files. Also if you are scanning slides
    consider using Vuescan scanning software. You can find
    Vuescan at Vuescan does however
    cost $40 USD but you can download a trial version and
    you will find it is a great tool.

    To Edit your print or slide scans use an Image editor
    such as Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and higher, Adobe Elements
    2.0, Paintshop Pro 5.0 or higher or similiar software.
    Adobe Elements 2.0 is highly recommended as it meets
    the needs of photo editing and is fairly affordable
    (roughly $79 USD).

    Open up your scan in the image editor and do the
    1. Make sure the photo is cropped properly and adjust horizon if needed
    2. Resize your image (preferrably to 1024 pixels wide,
    Jetphotos minimum is 800 pixels wide)
    3. Adjust any brightness or contrast and remove any
    dust spots or such)
    4. Sharpen, for best results use Unsharp Mask. In
    Adobe a reasonable setting is 0.5 radius and 5.0
    Threshold, adjust Amount to desired sharpness, careful not over sharpen
    5. Save as a .JPG file and use little or no
    compression. Too much compression will deteriorate
    your saved photo.

    For editing Digital photos use the same editing steps
    as scanned prints and slides, try and shoot at highest resolution possible from your camera. Be aware that PaintshopPro 7.0 is not too user friendly resizing digital jpeg files straight from the camera. Adobe software is
    recommended. Another tip for digital shooters: Do Not
    use digital zoom, it deteriorates your photo quality,
    only use optical zoom on your digital camera.

    Good Luck and keep the pics comin'!

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    Photo Tips from Crew

    Cool, these tips should be very helpful. Heh, I have no photography experience whatsoever. Thanks ya'll.
    Cory Klimko
    KSNA Photography


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      Photo Tips from Crew

      When the time is available to me I will up-load some old family photos. They might be of some interest. Since they where taken in the early 1960s; I have a number of black & white shots of a variety of United aircraft of that time frame. Caravelles, DC-8s, B-720s and some good old propliners.

      Are black & white photos acceptable on

      I value your input.

      Thank You:


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        Photo Tips from Crew

        Hi Lance,

        Sure, Black & White photos are accepted.


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          Photo Tips from Crew

          Another tip:
          Check, recheck, and double check your photo info...
          I've started to see way too many mistakes on the site.
          ie: confusing a A319 with a A320 and so on... I'm starting to count the correctins with two hands now.
          Don't make me start counting with my toes please.

          If you don't know... don't write it down!
          Les Hommes ne sont que des idiots heureux.


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            Photo Tips from Crew

            From what I've seen today, I'm loosing some picture quality AFTER uploading to I've looked at some pics that actually look better on my computer then when I view them in the upload queue. [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]
            I'm getting alot of noise whenever I sharpen aswell, its getting anoying...even when using USM



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              Photo Tips from Crew


              That is strange. JP doesn't compress photos after uploaded.


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                Photo Tips from Crew

                I know you guys dont, but it still looks that way [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img] At first I thought nothing of it, but now I'm noticing it more and more! Check one of my newer pics, the Britannia 757. On my computer, it looked okay, not amazing, but ok. Take a look at it on, the Britannia titles are all messed up! [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]