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    Good Morning,

    Over the next 3 days i'm going to be jumpseating a few flights (both day and night) and therefore was wondering if anyone has some tips regardings settings for my camera (Cannon 350D).

    Thank You.
    Best Regards

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    Bring an external flash and underexpose. This way you will get nice light on the panel and visible scenery outside.


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      There are various techniques i've read, and one i've tried (and I hope I word this correctly) is to meter through the window and lock the exposure so that it exposes the exterior of the aircraft correclty and doesn't blow it out. Then recompose the shot with the exposure locked and then pop the flash and flash fill the interior of the cockpit (or use an external flash if you have one). It's something like that anyway. This was you should end up correctly exposing the inside and the outside.

      Oh and also with regards to the flash...if you are using a ext flash be careful not to point it at any screens as you'll ruin your pic with a reflection of the flash. Try and angle it away from screens.
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        Don't forget to ask the crew before firing a flash!


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          Just going to say, before you think about your pics please think about the guys and girls FLYING THE PLANE!!! They may not be too happy about the flash going off here and there..


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            Now I must say Im not expercienced with cockpit shots. but I must admit the Screens is a killer. Lke you said, I always managed to do the reflections Or else I dont have enough lights, or too much flash exp.....Bugger !

            Thanks for the advices as well. Guys !
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