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Help needed with photo usage request

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  • Help needed with photo usage request

    Hello everybody.

    A guy from Sweden is offering me 10 Euros for the 3000 x 2000 pixel original of one of my photos. He wants to make a poster out of it which would have a size of 70 x 50 cm.
    Do you think I should be happy about the amount offered or should I ask for more?

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    Make sure its only for pesonal use and that hes not selling it.


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      You're right, theoretically he could re-edit the original and then sell it. Haven't thought of that, thanks! But how am I gonna make sure he's not doing that??


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        That is why I never send any original photos to any private persons. I have had some requests over the years for photos for private collections (in original size), but for me that is a no no.

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          - You could offer to do it yourself and send it to him (add on the print & post cost of course)

          - Make him aware of the copyright laws imposed on the photo and potential consequences if he were telling you intentions which were false.

          - Add a "signature" style watermark (an artisty one that wouldn't spoil the photo)

          Hope that helps


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            He now wants to send me a formal statement in PDF ensuring me to only use the picture for private and not for any commercial purposes. He says this would limit the risk I am taking sending him the orginal and that I could sue him if he uses it for any other purposes. Sounds ok to me, what do you think?

            Thanks for everybody's replies.


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              Yup, watch out though, contracts can lead to complications. Sounds legit to me anyways