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Requesting a larger upload size ?

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  • Requesting a larger upload size ?

    If I was to request a larger upload size permission ( currently 1024, thinking of 1280 ), and that was acceptable, would ALL of my future uploads require to be at 1280 or can I occasionally upload at 1024 still ?
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    When you request to upload larger resolution and its accepted it should allow to 1600 wide. You wouldn't have to upload all your future shots at 1280 you can still use 1024 but if you find some decent quality shots that can stand 1280 or 1600 then you can upload them at that size. I had this debate yesturday about uploading a load of shots at 1600. Ive decided to leave it to special shots of different aircraft. It wouldn't be any point in uploading a BA 320 at 1600 lol .

    Just gives you more flexibility if you have larger upload permission. They might ask you to wait to 100 (well thats what they did for me) and then reapply. Im sure one of the jp crew will respond.

    Hope this gives you a bit of an outline


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      I have permission to upload at 1600 px width but I still upload mostly at 1024 and the widest I've ever gone so far is 1200. I find that photos at 1600 are a pain to look on a smaller screen at unless you want to see the detail (e.g. a cockpit shot).


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        I guess it has been explained

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          OK folks, thanks for the help.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !