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  • Photo print question

    I was wondering what you reccomend for the finish on a photo print, glossy or matte? Thanks.


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    I prefer matt finish personally. I just don't like the gloss in case of smears, fingerprints etc.


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      As a film user for over a year, i find matt to be by far a better finish. Fingerprints etc arent as much of an issue and the photo appears 'cleaner'.
      Sam Rudge
      A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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        I have been printing my own shots and hanging them on my wall for a couple of months now. Im using Canon PIXMA iP3000 with Orig Photo Paper Glossy and I havent had any problems with the Glossy paper. Cant say anything else but to recommend it. Try it out at your local store.

        Bring your memory card, have them print one off in this glossy paper, I assure you will like the result. But again, it's not all about the paper, what the purpose with your "good" paper if you have a crappy printer.
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          Matt is good for detail, but gloss can have a nice effect. Sure, theres the fingerprints thing but just make sure people don't touch them!


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            I havn't printed a glossy photo for years. Matte all the way.


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              I got the Matte finish, as it turns out the printer I'm using won't print 11x14 in glossy, only matte, and they prints will be framed anyway. Thanks guys.