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  • Thomsonfly or Brittannia

    Hello all,

    I had this shot rejected for bad info in category airline :- is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

    I selected Thomsonfly and got the info from the census tool, so abit confused as to why it got rejected ? Should i have selected Britannia Airways as the airline ?

    Any advise from the screening team to clear this up would be great.


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    You uploaded as Britannia Airways.............should be Thompsonfly.
    Entering G-OBYH in the Auto Fill would have given you the correct result.
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      Now that's a bit confusing !

      The "G-INFO" database on the CAA website (see ) shows the owner / operator as ThomsonFly. There are two photographs available as clickable links lower down the database. The first shows the aircraft in Britannia colours, the second shows it in ThomsonFly colours.

      I'm probably wrong but didn't the TUI group, of which Thomson is a subsidiary, take over the Britannia operation ?

      Looking at other pictures in the database, it has been accepted as ThomsonFly where it's shown in those colours and Britannia where it's shown in those colours.....with three exceptions where its shown in Garuda Indonesian colours !! One of those lists it as ThomsonFly with the other two listing as Garuda Indonesian !!!!!!

      Like you say, screener / admin input would be useful here.
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        You need to look at the dates of the ones in the DB....

        QUOTE:As of 31st October 2005, Britannia Airways Ltd ceased to exist, with Thomsonfly becoming the legal name of the company. The aircraft are no longer operated by Britannia Airways' but actually operated legally by Thomsonfly.......................................exactly what the Auto Fill states. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!
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          When uploading i selected Thomsonfly (Britannia Airways) unless im going crazy a far as i could see this was the only Thomsonfly listed !



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            Use Auto Fill now and see what happens..........then re-upload.......done .....go to pub!

            Ahhhhh I can see what you have done You have clicked on the airline drop down toggle and entered an old "owner"

            And here is the history and why in Garuda livery......................

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              It's definately Thomsonfly now...the Britannia name is gone for good.


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                Thanks all, now sorted using the autofill function, excellent !

                Many thanks