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How can I make my airline shots larger ?

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  • How can I make my airline shots larger ?

    Recently I was given a nikon F65 35mm camera substituted with a 70-300mm lense with the main aim to carry out some good aviation photography. After shooting for a while now I am aiming to enlarge my photos to hopefully safemake the standards of

    Though I have one problem, how do i blow the standard sized photos after they are developed to reach to minimum dimensions?
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    How can I make my airline shots larger ?

    Hey Mark , in order to get your images to the minimum size for uploading either 980 or 1024dpi... i really wouldnt go any smaller to be honest , you firstly need a scanner i assume you have one ?

    To begin with always scan from from your prints as if you go straight into scanning your negatives you will grow old very quickly !! there is an art to it [img]uhoh.gif[/img]

    Once you have your print on your flatbed scanner select which resolution you want to scan the image at... so for arguments sake 1200 dpi or thereabouts ... its not worth scanning any smaller as you need the quality and size ... if you scan the image at 1200 dpi you will have a pretty big file in which to play with . (As a thought what photo software do you have ? )
    You will need some sort of photo enhancing software .. there is a lot of them on the market you are best having a look around at reviews .,
    So you have the image and its 1200 dpi you then with the software play around ... for example you may want to increase the colour a bit or mayber brighten it up a touch .

    Once youve played and are completely happy with what youve done ...resize the file "image" to either 980 or 1024 then youll have your picture ready to upload and more importantly "accepted" [img]clap.gif[/img]

    hope that helps ... if you need any more info just ask .... or watch for other replies on this post

    good luck Tony