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  • Toronto and Montreal

    Hi all,

    In Feb, I will be going to both Toronto and Montreal (Business unfortunately), but will have a few hours at each airport.

    Are there any good on-site places to take pics, like a viewing terrace for example?

    Thanks in advance,

    Garry Lewis

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    Toronto and Montreal

    Garry this might help.

    I just did a simple search on google
    Legia Warszawa - Duma Stolicy Polski
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      Toronto and Montreal

      At YYZ, definitely the upper levels of the Terminal 1 parking garage:

      John Kelley photo

      It's virtually unchanged from this 1967 view. You can see how close you'll be to the tarmac.

      Better hurry though, cause next year it will be torn down and eventually replaced with this:

      As a result, you'll be surrounded by the construction. Also, another warning... it's probably going to be EXTREMELY cold.


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        Toronto and Montreal

        Originally posted by Airnerd:
        [B]At YYZ, definitely the upper levels of the Terminal 1 parking garage:


        I love the parking garage

        [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] it is great!!!!!!


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          Toronto and Montreal

          Well, I can tell you that isn't much help. Hopelessly outdated.
          For one, the runway designations aren't even the same.

          No date as to when the terminal is gonna be knocked down, but here are some pictures I took from T1 [img]sleep.gif[/img] and

          24L Park on Silver Dart Drive where is passes under the runway.
          Don't stop a car on Silver Dart Drive, quite a bit of traffic and the police will move you along... [img]naughty.gif[/img]
          Alternatively if you drive around the back of some warehouses around here, you can find a good spot without too much trouble [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

          24R McDonnel Douglas parking lot on Airport Road past the Air Canada hangar and Vista Cargo
          Now runway 23. This parking lot has been blocked off and is no longer accessible...If you drive north on airport road, you will see a Wendy's/parking lot on the right, under the approach for runway 23.

          15 Follow Airport Road to Derry Road. Left on Derry Road to the General Aviation area near the end of 15. Follow access road around to end of 15.
          15 is rarely used, and there are large fences around here.
          It may be possible to snap some photos of aircraft parked in and around here, sometimes Air Transat L1011's. Beware there are fences allll the way around here. The GTAA is in the process of installing double fences around the entire airport too (they are getting mighty close).

          Another suggestion is to drive west on Derry Road and make a left near the GIANT FedEx sign (Bramlea Road I believe). You can park at the end and watch aircraft land. It's all double fencing around here but you can take great shots of the FedEx aircraft lined up such as THIS!

          06L Follow Derry Road to Dixie Road. Left on Dixie to the end of the runway. Park on any access point.
          This is now runway 05. Instead of parking at any access point, I would suggest the first right and then turn around and park on the right hand side. I was there last weekend and yeah it's muddy and slushy but it's okay! There is a field right infront of you and somebody was kind enough to block the entire thing off (you can still park a car on the road, little traffic)...You can take a short walk to the south and be directly/head-on underneath the approaching aircraft.

          06R Dixie Road to Britannia Road East. Left on Britannia to Luke Road. Follow Luke Road to the end.
          Runway now 06L....this is a great spot, kinda muddy and I've only been there once when the runway wasn't in use. Still a great spot though, directly underneath the aircraft.

          You can also drive around the entire infield cargo terminal without hassle, even a public transit bus runs through there. North on airport road, left/west on Derry Road, left/south on Dixie and then another left/east on Britannia Road East and keep going, the road will curve and you will be 'inside'...

          You can always check out a few more of my pics at (not all great but you get a good idea of variety)

          And this ends the greatest documentation of current YYZ planespotting [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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