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For Photographers: Question RE: Database

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    For Photographers: Question RE: Database

    SST has a good point! 100 posts here or more should be enough to show users behavior! Photo Screener
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      For Photographers: Question RE: Database

      I like the idea that 100 posts or more should show a users behavior.

      Ultimately Chris, you will keep us abreast on how you will institute the 'comment' line.

      I do have one question though that you may need to consider.

      An obvious bad post would be, "its blurry" or "it sucks."

      But IMHO, these kind of comments are questionable:

      "next time, can you use a better zoom"

      "i think it is too dark."

      "i think it is too dark. can u post another with more light?"


      In other words, where do you draw the line?

      that comment, "can you use a better zoom," sounds like a criticism and a plea. Is that appropriate?
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        For Photographers: Question RE: Database

        First of all, I think, the comments could be a nice tool. But there some other problems.

        Let's assume, a comment says: "Not level". Some weeks later, the photographer re-uploads a new version of this picture, this time levelled. What to do with the comment mentioned above?

        Something different: what about the following process?
        The photographer gets a notification about a new comment of one of his pics. He can then choose to have it removed and can send a "suggest deletion" to the site moderators/screeners, of course with reasons, why it should be removed. For a comment to be removed, there should be strict rules. A negative comment should be allowed IF it is factually true (for example: "grainy")

        Just a few additions, before getting to bed

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          For Photographers: Question RE: Database


          I agree with Jeff, allowing only members with posted pictures to comment on a picture keeps thing under control. This will also lend creditability to the comment. Some members are much better photographies then others. A comment like "your picture is taken from a bad angle" from a member who posts outstanding photos can be considered constructive criticism rather then just criticism.