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  • My latest rejections....

    I thought that I'd share some of my latest rejections with you because I thought some were quite nice shots. Please note that this is not a bitch about rejections. None of these will be appealed and none of them will be re-worked. Unfortunately, it was a hazy day at Shoreham so some contrast rejections were expected, although the shots do represent how I remember the scenes.

    This one rejected for motive:

    No photo of this one in the DB (that I know of):

    Incident shot (I couldn't find a closer shot of this in the DB):

    All comments welcome.

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    Hey there,
    Have to say i quite like

    I just quickly leveled the photo in photoshop and came up with this,

    Id rework that one and see if you can come up with a better result. Its a nice shot.
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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      Maybe when I retire, I'll get round to re-working it like that . Looks good. Thanks for the input.


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        Most are reworkable.

        1.the motive does not work imho
        2.3 see above
        4. correct info and a bit adjusting the levels - ok.
        5. Apart from the obstruction, there must be something wrong with the info a military registration and private ownership does not work
        6. not a good angel for a Harrier hot, Heat distortion is a problem.

        I think you should really work on No.4 it is a beauty and so easy to fix.


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          5. Apart from the obstruction, there must be something wrong with the info a military registration and private ownership does not work
          I believe that the Hunter is owned by Northbrook College (an Aeronautical Engineering College) and as far as I know it does not have a civil registration (either because there are no plans on flying it, or it is pending).


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            In such a case I would leave registration open. And write a comment saying : "Former WTXXX now used by XYZ university for abc studies" Then upload as civilian and check warbird / vintage


            upload with reg WTXXX and set owner to abc university. Giving a comment saying : "Former WTXXX now used as ... by abc university."

            Both options would ould - imho - give usefull information to the viewer (second is perhaps a bit more search friendly and better).

            Btw: This is just some general and well meaning advice on how to upload pics with coherent info in such cases. If the current owner is not listed in the airline menu, you can have the owner added by using the add airline function.
            Last edited by seahawk; 2007-01-09, 12:29.


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              Thanks Seahawk. I've taken your advice in the manner in which it was intended. I'll give it go next year when hopefully I'll be able to get a shot without the clutter.


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                In the meantime, please consider reworking #2 and #4 and re-uploading. They're good shots and deserve to be in the DB.
                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !