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  • Night shots

    OK, I finally tried to havea go at a night shoot. Simply because the new Manx2 Let decided to arrive when it got dark!!

    The first batch were absolute s**t! So I deleted them and went back to the airport, set up my trusty Manfrotto and tried again.

    Well, apart from loads and loads of grain, they were a small improvement on the first batch so I guess now is the time to shout - HELPPPPPPPPPP!!

    This is one of the better results:

    So, opinions please, constructive and helpful if possible and save the sarcasm and derision for later!


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    EEEEK, why so much grain?

    What iso were you shooting?...should be fine with 100/200 if you're on a tripod?


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      ... second that!

      Seriously: Why ISO 400? Set ISO 100 or at max 200 and try a shutter speed of a few seconds.

      Then, some cameras (not sure if all DSLR) have a noise reduction for long exposures. Check this setting.

      Finally, how does the original look like? Is it underexposed? I have a similar noise, if I have to brighten up underexposed dark areas.

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        If shooting at ISO 100 at night, with a tripod, at an averagely lit airport, how long should the exposure be set for to obtain the desired result of a shot similar to that in this thread?


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          Well, I tried at 200 (D70 minimum) and for some reason they were crap. Well, crappier anyway!

          However, I they have the decency to position the aircraft near the fence tomorrow night I will try again. At 200 with a selection of shutter speeds and apertures and see what happpens.

          Mind you, high winds and rain forecast so I could just stay home and get drunk!



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            Why not get drunk then go out to take the shots. That would be far better as long as you dont take loads of pics of your drinking mates bare arse


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              You shouldnt really be getting much if any grain at an ISO of 200. I have done a few night shots with my D70 and as long as i make sure to kick off the auto ISO my results are great.

              Like this (excuse the compostiton as the light poles just wont move for me):


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                You created the grain when you pushed the exposure too hard - the original is probably under exposed.

                If you can get that close to aircraft at night, I would suggest shooting RAW, altering the white balance to the 2100 K mark to get rid of the colour cast and most importantly experiment with exposures until the histogram looks right. Expose for the right (white end of a histogram.)

                There is no hard and fast rules for night photography except if you use a high aperture number, f.22 then you can get a nice star effect from street lights but watch as even dust spots show up at night. NB a high aperture will increase your exposure time quite a bit. Again you can use it to your advantage if the runway is behind, useful for generating light trails.

                It would have been a good photo if you had pulled it off.


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                  Night shots

                  Im going to try and get some night shots for the first time tonight at my local drome with tripod,reading these comments im hearing the following as regards to settings:-

                  ISO = 100 to 200
                  F22 ( experiment abit though )
                  WB = 2100 (on a 400D will the incandesent setting be suffice )
                  Remote shutter release

                  Anything else,any help would be appreciated ?

                  Best Regards


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                    If I want to get night shots at LBIA I have to employ a bodyguard due to the number of unsavoury types in the spotting locations after dark. The police would probably stop the drug trade in Leeds and Bradford if they spent just one night there!


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                      The 2100 K was for the Sodium lights in the Mu2 pic. Try the AWB and see how you get on. RAW will allow you to play God with the colour cast from the lights. Make whites, white instead of yellow or blue-ish.
                      It is up to you what you do on that score.


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                        Originally posted by philh
                        If I want to get night shots at LBIA I have to employ a bodyguard due to the number of unsavoury types in the spotting locations after dark. The police would probably stop the drug trade in Leeds and Bradford if they spent just one night there!
                        Thats Leeds for you


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                            Alright Mr Marks!

                            I'm going to offer some expert opinion here! My total sum of night shots = 0!! Probably repeating others views

                            Grainy - Reduce the ISO, have you tried a neat image on it?
                            Focus - Nose and Tail look a little soft to me. Maybe the wind and the long exposure or lack of focus points? or uneven lighting has thrown the cam.

                            Other than that top effort for a 1st go, if I ever have a go I hope its a good as that one. Enjoy the wind and rain!
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                              I generally get pretty good results by shooting in Av mode with an ISO of 200 and a tripod (of course) w/remote or timer. The only time I use higher ISO's is if I'm trying to get a faster shutter speed to hand hold or more details in dark objects.
                              I did the last night launch of Discovery. Knowing there would be a lot of detail to catch with tricky contrast, I opted to shoot manually with an ISO of 400. Since the launch was so bright I was able to hand hold with my 100-400. 1/640s f/6.3 at 400.0mm iso400 manual mode