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    Originally posted by RingwaySam
    Well after all, it is "Screeners Choice" not "Photographers Choice"

    Under the photo views, like this -

    This photo has been viewed 0 unique times since added on February 15, 2007, an average of 0 time per day.
    Detailed Photo History & Statistics NEW!
    Cheers for showing me how to find that.


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      Not meaning to nitpick or pick on a photographer but can a screener explain the choice of this one for example as a Screeners choice.

      Most of the others seem in special lighting or a rare aeroplane. To me this is not in special lighting and its not a rare one in the database, there are 40 other photos of the plane in the database.


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        Yes, but wasnt that one the first of all those when it was still a new livery/aircraft or something?

        I personally dont think a new aircraft for an airline, new livery etc should ever be screeners choice. I would prefer that accolade to be saved for the really rare and different shots like the mil air to air stuff, stunning sunsets etc.

        But then again, I dont make the rules!


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          I don't know why everybody is so fussy about Screeners Choices! We have Photographers Choices and the screeners don't ask us to explain our decisions over that do they? No.

          Whats the best thing about Screeners Choices? Your shots get higher views, that's all. It's nice when your shots get thousands of views but it isn't a competition, it's a hobby.


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            I'd be honored to get a screeners choice on a photo, but to me, I belive a people's choice award would have more meaning as it would mean that the general public loves my photo.

            What is probably my worst shot is also my most popular. Granted, its been here for a while.(Since October 2002)