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    Now I know is possibly a swear word on here but I like to put the occasional shots that I have had accepted on JP onto Now I would like your honest opinion on these three shots as they were rejected by

    Bad Quality, Bad Soft, Common

    Bad Quality, Common

    Obviously I thought they were OK thats why I uploaded them

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    ppl will just tell you to post them on the forum so yeaa.., I say dont even worry about that site, its all screwed up up
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      My honest opinion -

      1) I personally think it would be better if it was the other way round
      2) Same as answer number one
      3) Oversharpened

      Like Bruno says, Airliners is screwed up, and if they want to reject EVERYTHING for Bad Quality then let them.


      • #4 fills a niche market, fills a different niche market. Both sites have their own rules. Personally I find nothing wrong with's very high standards, the problem is that's standards arent...standard. Either way they're doing ok, and we're doing ok, and I really can't see a reason anymore for all this childlike bickering between the 2. Sometimes they reject perfectly good stuff, but that's why we're here


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          1 and 2 have a bit of grain in the shadow areas. Id say 3 is a tad oversharpened.

          As for the debate, I dont think its there high standards that is the problem, I think its their inconsistencies that people get upset with. I know it gave me alot of grief when I was first starting out.


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            1 and 2: noisy like Conman said, also noisy sky. The rear half of the F-15 is also blurred.

            3: Way oversharpened. Look at high-contrast outlines like the shadows on the ground.

            When says common, it means the photo has to be near perfect to get accepted. But both 2 and 3 are salvageable and worth re-editing and re-uploading if you feel like it.

            Edit: I've seen inconsistency both here and at It's just part of the game.


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              Id like to think we are working much harder to combat inconsistency than the other site. We sure do put the hours in...


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                you could clean up the noise in the first 2 and they would be fine.

                Anet is very inconsistant which can be so frustrating..... For the record, I find this site much more consistant and only try uploading at when I'm bored and have surfed the entire net and have nothing else to do...


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                  Although the above three I mentioned didnt get on this one of the above F-15 did get on



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                    "common" reg total of 88 ! yep ... i can see that being a problem

                    1: Im guessing it was a distance & travelling some ? not perfect but very good
                    2: common (90 others) maybe suffering from a little over sharpening
                    3: Yup , a tad over sharp... jaggies around the front black nose/taxi lines

                    personally i wouldnt worry to much , you are certainly on the right track .

                    Fast moving military isnt that easy ....

                    You have a lot of very nice images on show already