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MacDill Airfest 2007

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  • MacDill Airfest 2007

    I just discovered that the MacDill Airfest (March 31st, April 1st) coincides with my vacation in the Tampa area!

    Having never attended the show I have a couple of questions for those with past experience with the show:

    1. How much of a nightmare is parking, ie if I arrive around lunch time will I be out of luck or have to walk an insane distance to the show?

    2. Are airband scanners allowed?

    3. I'll be using a canon 70-300mm lens (alas no 100-400L for me) can anyone recommend some good vantage points where I can get reasonably close to the action?

    I was on the fence whether or not to try planespotting while in Florida given my unfamilliarity with the locations and some of the 'no photography allowed' stories I have read. The airshow however should do the trick.

    thanks guys