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UK-Public photography illegal??

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  • UK-Public photography illegal??

    This showed up on the Stockphoto list today:

    The UK Govt are about to propose restrictions on
    photography in public places which could make
    street photography and documentary photography
    against the law. There's a petition on the Downing
    St website against the Government's proposals to
    restrict the use of photography in public areas.

    Sign up to the petition now......

    Please note: Only UK citizens can sign the petition.
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    Unfounded rubbish.
    There are no moves to implement such a plan, and no sources to confirm. Anyone can start a shit stirring petition on those sites….either by a dickhead or someone who has misunderstood a direction or reacted to a direction from another misinformed person.
    Needless to say discretion is always needed in any public photography.
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