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Is this shot doomed?

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  • Is this shot doomed?

    Taken the same place as my other post above. I`m worried that the framing isn`t god. The reason for this cropping as you can see that I want to have both engines in the picture. On the left side it is obstructing objects and foreground clutter as it`s called, so there is no chance that i can crop this any different with both engines visible. What do you think, would it get rejected for bad framing og centered-issues? Here is the picture :

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    Looks good to me, that's a pretty conventional crop for a frontal shot.

    May need a little CW rotation though.


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      The top might be just a tad hot though in this case not overexposed, just for future reference you might want to watch your exposure settings a little more carefully. The crop you've chosen is a fairly safe crop, I see no problems with the photo passing the screeners.