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LAX this weekend - March 3-4th

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  • LAX this weekend - March 3-4th

    Any one gonna make it out this weekend? WX looks wonderful ..mid seventies and partly cloudy. I'll make it down to LAX from LAS around 10:30 am and will start on the hill.

    Any locals that can make it out I'd appreciate the company. I'll have a rental car so I can't give you guys a heads up to a make and color.

    I'll be there til Sunday late afternoon so stop on by..

    Dave Budd

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    I don't have anything planned this weekend i can probably stop by I'm normally the only guy with a Nikon on the hill so its kinda hard to miss me lol


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      ......wish I could join you Dave!

      Coincidentally, about an hour ago I 'mailed you details of our travel plans for '07, FL in June and CA/NV November...check out your inbox!

      Have a top weekend Dave....looking out for the results,

      regards...Paul Massey.


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        Nah...I have to work and have dinner plans with a couple of friends visiting here BUT I might be able to sneak away for a couple of hours Sunday.


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          It would be nice to meet both you you guys!!

          Steve.. I met Mike up here during Aviation Nation and what a fantastic guy. If your half this nice then you've gotta be fantasic yourself!!

          I shoot Nikon as well. I'll have a white Grand Prix with Nevada plates.

          My goody buddy Tim W. says he'll be by Sunday. Looking forward to that as well.



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            Sweet i haven't seen Tim in a while.