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    After all this hype about "A380 in USA hot .. not hot ... crappy photos" and yaddayaddayadda - we were even featured on - I thought, I'll have a look at the top of the day.

    I suddenly found a shot, which made me want to look for more of this photog. Just click here and have a look:

    Certainly not digital quality, but just check the year of some photos!! For us younger people here that's like a history book.

    All I can say is: thanks for sharing them with us!!

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    I really wish i was just alive for some of those pics. The diversity in aircraft and the classic liveries. I love looking at the recent uploads and seeing ones from 1990 and earlier....course it makes me jealous too lol


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      Just when I think I know everything about aviation, someone like Jon comes along and makes me realize that I don't know squat!


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        If I could travel back in time, I would definitely visit the -60's. Seeing all the numerous liveries which was colourful and would be treated as eye-candies today. Amazing.

        Mr. Proctor is the true master of them all. Such a legend I'd like to meet in person.
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          Just another way to remind me that I'm about 10 years to late.... great stuff!

          "Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower!"


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            Originally posted by LX-A343
            For us younger people here

            someone was definitely being extremely generous with the truth!

            Certainly though, thanks Jon , George Hamlin and George Canciani and all the other oldies who upload those things called slides.

   check out Fredericks stuff!
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