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    One could say: "Changing ISO settings is for wimps!"
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      Originally posted by LX-A343
      One could say: "Changing ISO settings is for wimps!"
      You've obviously never shot @ MAN.


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        ZRH is enough of a challenge, thanks ....
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          Originally posted by Omar Alex Saffe
          Great post Cosmo, thank you for it.

          I'm gonna take the opportunity to add something too...
          - Some people should try to take the time to read the comments from the screeners in their rejection mails. I see more and more appeals that could have been avoided just by reading the comments we leave. Many of us leave messages to explain either the bad info or the category rejection, that takes time and we spend quiet a few minute to look for the correct info on the web to give it to the photographers...

          First of all, a great post by Cosmo.

          Unfortuantely I can't confirm what is siad by Alex. On the contrary, it happesn quite often that when I appeal I get an appeal rejection without reason, even though I asked kindly and politely.
          And comments in the initial rejection are even more rare..
          I really don't mind rejections but when I appeal and ask kindly for feedback so I can learn from it and get just another rejection on my appeal without feedback it irrates me.

          Anyway Alex, I think you are doing a great job by providing any info on why you rejected a photo.



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            You'll find that has been cut down to a minimum now Joop. Although now allot more time consuming we endevour to leave a comment on each appeal as long as the photographer is kind enough not to rip into us about rejecting the photo in the first place...


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              Joop, with al due respect, but I often found posts from you asking here in the forums, why a photo had been rejected, yet the screener left a note on your appeal. I wonder, if you even read those comments. As mentioned by Dan, it's time consuming, yet we still do it.

              Then there are those clear cut cases, for example a horizon unlevel by some 5 or a horribly blurry photo, where it can happen that we sometimes simply don't give a comment, because we think, it is a joke.

              Of course (and that does not apply to you!), following appeals won't be replied in a kind manner:
              • "Are you blind?"
              • "You morons"
              • "It has been accepted at [fill in aviation website]"
              etc. There were a lot more in the past

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