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Problem with Monitor - opinions requested!

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  • Problem with Monitor - opinions requested!

    Hi folks!

    I recently bought my first Apple Computer and I now
    seem to have troubles with photo editing. The following two pictures
    look good on a normal PC while they lack contrast and appear to be too bright on the Mac.

    Please give me an opinion how these shots look on your screen especially concerning brightness/contrast/colors!


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    I'm looking at the shots on a Macbook Pro right now and they don't look very bright to me. The first one looks a tad bright, but not overly bright. They look fine to me.
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      PCs use a gamma curve that's slightly darker than Macs. A calibrator, however, will change that gamma to match a PC's if you so desire. A PC's gamma curve is better for video, but the Mac's default is better for print where you get a little more shadow gamut. Make sure your monitor is set up fine. Did you get an iMac or a laptop or a MacPro?


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        Philip, I'd suggest you calibrate your monitor...OSX has good display calibration tool that comes with it. It can be found under System Preferences/Displays


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          Thanks guys, looks better now after calibration.
          @Dan: I use both, a MacBook and an iMac.


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            Hi Phillip,

            Good to see you've come into the world of Mac's! Once you get the teething problems ironed out they are great to use and wonderful to edit on.

            I personnaly use a imac and powerbook.

            I looked at your photos on my imac screen which has been calibrated with a spyder 2 and both photos appear to lack a little punch and contrast. I would definately suggest getting your hands on a monitor calibration tool. The pantone Huey is very good and only about 55. They have also just realeased a Huey pro which ius supposed to offer more features and is only 85. Both of these products can sit in the dock and adjust your monitor to how the ambient light changes.

            Check out the pantone sight and see what it says about them. They are pretty good.

            I had a quick play with your first image in photoshop and it seems like a very small amount of highlight reduction will take away that slight overblown nose. I tried 10%/10%/2. Then i put in a small S curve to give it a little more contrast and then a small boost in saturation to enhance colours.

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