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Spotting @ Prague - information needed!

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  • Spotting @ Prague - information needed!

    Hello guys,

    Im in the need of good positions at PRG for spotting. Ill be there in April for spotting.
    So I look now for places where nearly the whole day the light is good and where I dont need something like a step,etc.....

    All experiences and advices are welcome...

    THX in advance,

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    I've been to PRG few times, so I'll try to post here a little spotting guide. I've been there when RWY06 and RWY24 were in use, so I don't know about spots near other RWYs.

    So let's start!

    A: Observation deck
    Firstly, you can go to terrace, but it's not best for photography. There are dirty windows so you must have luck to get clear shot. But you can get nice views of RWY24/06 (too far), TWY and few stands. Best photos could be taken during push back from stands in front of terrace. I think that if you have time to spend inside terminal, then it's worth a visit, otherwise it's better to go near one of RWYs.
    How to get there: Just follow signs inside terminal.
    Example photos:
    1. Aircraft parking at one of positions faced to terrace

    2. Aircraft taxiing in front of terrace

    3. Aircraft taxiing into position

    B: RWY24 spot
    My most favourite spot, almost the same as RWY06 but on one place, there is really great low fence. But sometimes security will approach you, but usually they only ask you how long will you stay there and they get away. Here you can take shots of aircrafts langing on RWY24, aircrafts taxiing for take-off from RWY24, lined up on RWY24 and aircrafts at cargo center.
    How to get there: When you get to terminal, just walk to the right (when you are facing terminal, otherwise left ) and after few meters, you will reach Menzies and CSA Cargo facilities, then continue following the perimeter and just find right position, you can get almost any angle from this place.
    Example photos:
    1. Landing on RWY24, back angle (when you dont hear sound of aircraft and notice it too late )

    2. Classic RWY24 approach shot

    3. Aircraft lined up with RWY24

    4. Taxiing for takeoff from RWY24

    5. You can "line-up" with RWY24 too

    C: Menzies parking
    Here holes in fence are too small, but it's good to get shots of aircrafts taxiing for take-off from RWY24 and aircrafts standing in front of cargo center.
    How to get there: Same as the spot above, just closer to terminal.
    Example shots:
    1. Aircraft taxiing for take-off from RWY24

    2. Same as above

    D: RWY06 spot
    This spot is again one of those were part of the day doesn't play role when shooting, as you can walk easily to get sun in your back. You can take here almost same shots as at RWY24 spot. So RWY06 landings and aircrafts taxiing for departure from RWY06 (wide angle).
    How to get there: To get there, you will need to catch bus from terminal to Jenec. You can ask driver if he couldn't drop you of near RWY end, most of drivers will do so, as not much people use this bus. Then you have to walk only few meters to get under RWY. For the way back, you have to walk to Jenec, about 1,5km, and there take the same bus which will get you to terminal or take train, which will get you to Prague - Namesti Republiky. BTW : You can even spot from train station.
    Example shots:
    1. Aircraft landing on RWY06, taken from "road side"

    2. Aircraft taxiing for T/O from RWY 06

    3. Aircraft landing on RWY06, taken from "field side"

    4. Spotting with style while waiting for train/bus

    That's all. I hope, it will help you and I wish you nice stay at LKPR.
    BTW : That's my first guide, so sorry if it's not good.


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      Now that is one comprehensive review, great pictures too.