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Need advice about buying tripods,monopods etc.

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  • MaxPower
    - Manfrotto -

    Hey Paulie.

    Im actually gonna use it for my 70-200mm f2.8, If you dont have problem with it attached under a 300mm f2.8, then this is just perfect then.

    @ Greg, I will take your suggestion into consideration and write them down.

    @ Gerardo, That settles it then, Manfrotto is what Im gonna buy.

    @Gerardo, Im checking out some wideangles too, I have my sights on the same Canon 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM to be part of my gear.

    ---Thanks for your help guys. I owe you one !

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  • LX-A343
    I have a good hama tripod and have to say ... GET YOURSELF A MANFROTTO!!!

    They are within your budget, build like a tank, versatile as you could ever dream of, fantastic to use!

    I'm getting one as well as next toy ... after the Canon 10-22mm or Sigma 10-20mm


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  • Greg Wilson
    Google Manfrotto in your local Google
    Have a look at Manfrotto tripod 055PRO (silver or black) .....$A299
    monopod 334B .....$A170
    Ball head 488RC2 .....$A190

    I think you will find that converts to about 400euro.
    The tripod has a removable centre column that can be mounted horizontally for overhead photography etc.The tripod can also be lowered to about 300mm.
    The monopod has a grip action quick release top section which I find very handy. At present I use the ball head on both but am looking at the 322 RC2 unit for the tripod.....this one has the grip action and costs $A230.
    I am sure you could probably pick up the four units for 400-450 euro where you live remembering the Australian middle man is a bloody shark, and we tend to pay overinflated prices here.

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  • Paul Maier
    Manfroto all the way.
    I cant exactly remember the model numbers, but i have a bogen manfroto tripod and monopod and they hold comfortably a Canon 20D with battery grip and a 300mm f2.8

    so unless you are using a 400mm f2.8 or larger, i doubt that weight will be an issue.

    I paid about $40USD for the monopod $40USD for the ball head and $250AUD for the tripod that comes in under the 300Euros!

    good luck!

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  • Need advice about buying tripods,monopods etc.

    Hey guys.

    I need some advice on where to get a good tripod and monopod.

    By good, I mean, what websites I should visit.

    I need a strong,, non-wobble tripod. and a light but strong monopod.

    My budget in total for these two are : 350-400 Euros ,-

    European websites preferrable. Thanks.

    Ps. If you don't have time to posts links, please go ahead and just type the tripod and monopod manufacturers. So I would have atleast something to "work" with.

    Thanks in advance guys !