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CV580: Vintage or No?

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  • CV580: Vintage or No?

    Just wondering. Would a Convair 580 be considered vintage or not? I've got some pics of two I want to upload when the site maintenance is done.

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    In my book, definitely a classic, as the original airframe will date back to the 1950s and the turboprop conversion will likely have been done 30+ years ago. A nice aircraft-look forward to seeing your shots, though looks like you've uploaded one by now, of the FAA aircraft, though it's been wrongly labelled as a CV440.

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      Well I uploaded two, not checking vintage on either one of them. One got in and the other one got rejected with a note that said "vintage". Obviously a difference of opinion between those two screeners. I'm kind of confused about it, but when is a plane considered vintage (as far as uploading pics to is concerned)?


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        Or maybe the other time the screener just added vintage,


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          Originally posted by JordanD
          I'm kind of confused about it, but when is a plane considered vintage (as far as uploading pics to is concerned)?
          well that's a good question...

          First about the CV-540, we had a discussion about that plane among some of the crew on msn recently. Not everyone agreed so let's say it's a borderline case and when it's like that just leave a note to the screener saying that you're not sure if it's vintage or not. I personnaly totally agree with Propman, clearly a classic for me too.

          Now about what is a vintage ?? well a few days ago I was screening KC-135 that were built in... 1956... 51 years old ladies... but very few people 'll upload it as vintage... but then everybody uploads Travolta 707 as a vintage... and what about a simple Piper Cup or even Super Cup.... those plane were designed like more than 60 years ago... Vintage or not... most people don't even know about it. And we can't blame them neither can we blame screeners for not knowing every single plane (specially GA or warbirds...)
          So again and like for every doubt you may have about categories, leave us a note that you're not sure.
          Best Regards
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            I'll be sure to do that next time. Thanks for explaning it though guys.