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      Just the one unfortuently, in Destination of World News (DOTWNEWS) -

      Mine is the top, bottom one is an ATI one;

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        Hi All,

        Nice Thread.

        I got my photo published in "Airline Business" magazine in October 2006.

        Congrats, to those above and well done on getting your photos published.

        Pranavan Mahendran


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          Me and my buddy Shane out here in Vegas got shots in this years South West Cargo Calendar. We received round trip open passes any where on the South West system!!

          Hope they remember me next year!! *Very Big Grin*



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            Ive had reasonable success with mags , however i have had pretty good sales n stuff through Engineering companies in the USA plus a few Airlines around the globe both for promo images & calendars .

            Got a piccy of a some of the publications ive supplied over the last 7 years , i think in total there has been around 35 different occasions but i can only find a few examples .

            Cheers all..


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              These shots of mine have all been used by Southwest Airlines Cargo in calendars:


              This one is currently being used on a trade show booth by Southwest Cargo:

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                All 4 for "Refuznik" a feature documentary produced by a Los Angeles based company
                Thanks for visiting
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                  Had my "Famous" Kai Tak shots all over incl the front page of local papers, model boxes, various books etc.

                  I think the best was in the Rolls Royce company book a few years ago. If I get around to it I'll take some pics.


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                    May edition of Aviation News

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                      In some Brazilian School book


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                        Well, I have only been published once so far in a Swedish magazine that focuses on historic aircraft, but also has some about current events in Sweden.

                        I have been asked permission to use this one on the cover of a Belgian magazine:


                        And I have been in some Swedish papers and on TV in person talking about planespotting, like Metro



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                          I had this one published in an australian magazine belonging somehow to the Aviation Authorities [photoid=31408]
                          This one was published in a TV report about "dangerous" airlines, as it was taken the day the aircraft was grounded. [photoid=536678]
                          I had a lot of photos published in a report about SWISS, amongst them [photoid=152221]
                          This here was used as example for some sort of panel for Continental Airlines [photoid=93819]
                          And this here was featured in Flight International to cover the first commercial flight of an LX A343 [photoid=121994].

                          There were a few others, which I don't remember ....
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                            I'm too lazy to take shots of the actual publications, so here are just the shots and where they were published :

                            Bought by four newspapers and two TV stations after a compressor stall, I didn't catch the flame unfortunately but it was enough for them.


                            (If you are wondering, yes, La Prensa Libre did an awful ammount of cloning )

                            Bought by Airliners Magazine, Issue #101


                            Used by Czech SkyCargo to make some calendars for their company


                            Bought by Airliners Magazine, Issue #102, also by a British Company for a slideshow


                            Used for a Masters of Ed. project for UPS.


                            Used to illustrate an Airbus article in Airliners Magazine, Issue #103


                            Used for a Brazilian book of aviation photographs

                            [photoid=5779703] & [photoid=5801441]

                            Bought by Airliners Magazine, Issue #104


                            Bought for Twin Otter article in Piloot & Vliegtuig Magazine


                            Bought by AeroSafety World of the FlightSafety Foundation group. Also, was mentioned here as well as the source of the photo .


                            Used by, a new magazine which its first issue will be printed June 2008.

                            [photoid=5928323] & [photoid=5915172] & [photoid=5915167]

                            Used by Maximum Flight Advantages LLC for an advertising campaign


                            Bought by a Luxembourg company for their website


                            Bought for Airliners Magazine, Issue #105 and for July issue of Airways Magazine

                            Most of these contacts were acheived via so a big thanks goes to you guys too!

                            Regards, Tomas.
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                              my first photo and write up in Combat Aircraft(Piece of Hog History).


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                                Well I've been waiting for someone to come asking for my photos to illustrate their article, but no one did so I decided to write my own.

                                It's only the local paper, but they gave me a nice two-page spread and hopefully it's not going to be my only foray into aviation-related writing.