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    We are proud of our photographer's achievements so please use this thread to boast or congratulate members who have been published!

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    I never thought i would be first. I recantly got my first photo in a book. Battle of Britain rememberd, issue 5, page 128.


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      Last year i achieved what i was hoping for to happen one day in my life-time. This shot of the B-1B line-up ended up on the front cover of a book.

      The shot on JP:


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        Heres my first publcation, used by Menzies Aviation, they provide airlines with a range of passenger, ramp and cargo handling services.



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          Recently had a picture of mine of ZK-OKA used as the photo on the front of a Herpa 1/500 Die Cast Model.




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            So far I've had pictures in Airliner World, a Ukranian magazine, a German magazine, on the back of the latest Air Britain Airline Fleets 2007, Eastern airways in-flight magazine, Euromanx in-flight magazine and's in-flight magazine.

            Mostly because of exposure both here and

            I've also sold several pictures to pilots and crew of aircraft they are flying into the island. Thanks for this must go to my wife - an admirable agent!



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              Got one picture in WINGSWORLD 4/2006 (The Herpa Wings Magazine), 2 pages wide (A3). Sorry for the bad quality, I had to scan the pages in two, but you get they idea:

              Original on JP: [photoid=526217]

              cheers, Pamela


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                Great Idea for a thread.

                Not actually seen anything by me published but i have 3 Business Class returns to Tahiti from Air Tahiti Nui for the use of the following shot in some internal training leaflets.

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                Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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                  That's amazing payment Shaggy!


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                    Yep, I was dealing with the CEO directly. I said I did not want payment as it was his aircraft. He then offered the tickets.
                    Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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                      Have had several pictures in Today's Pilot, Aeroplane Monthly, Airliner World.
                      Airports of the World book used 4 pics (out of 16 in the book) Dayjet have used a picture I took last year at EAA in a brochure + Swedish ATC training manual used a Ab206 picture in a recognition book.


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                        Sorry, but I really, REALLY couldn't resist this.

                        This pic was used in last and this months' "Pilot" magazine to sell shares in the aircraft, for which I received .........

                        .........nothing !!


                        .....except possibly a few more hits when you look at it. Go on, you know you want to.
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                        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                          I have a few publications on a few magazines, but the one i'm the most proud, it's the April 2006 editon of the german Magazine, Aero International :

                          The first one is a picture of PH-LXJ, page 33


                          TS-IOJ page 34


                          And 2 pictures in one page, 9G-MKS and the biggest one, B-2475




                          My other pictures:


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                            Originally posted by brianw999
                            This pic was used in last and this months' "Pilot" magazine to sell shares in the aircraft, for which I received .........
                            .........nothing !!
                            I guess your wallet is like the aircrafts registration....G-VOID of any payment!

                            Great work on the published shots guys! And great work with so many shots in one magazine Manu!

                            Now I just need some of your requests coming my way .
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                              Im not prepared to name names but several owners of aircraft i have sent copies for and recieved a flight in return or through the photos have buit up a freindship with the owner which may in the future lead to something. For me a flight is more special, money cant buy flights in these old aeroplanes. And who knows what might come of it in the future:
                              The owner of the car whanted a copy of this one.