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    Alright, this was brought to my attention by a guy on another forum... and he requested I post it here as well.

    I found this on the luton spotters website, it's a petition to have a building for spotters built at Luton. Unfortunately they have only 70 signatures, compared to their target of 500.

    I think anyone who has ever wanted one at their own airport should sign this. Luton could become a spotters haven, it already has a good location, but no good facilities or high ground.

    Please sign this, for the good of the Luton spotters! (And if anyone is a member of JP or, perhaps they could give it a mention in there.)

    Many thanks, (unless you didn't sign it)
    Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
    Forever New Frontiers

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    Not been to Luton ... yet but will be doing at the end of the month.
    I'v signed



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      Signed - I think it's a good idea.

      I think I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the continental airports putting some holes in their fences for big lenses. Anything that encourages the UK around to this line of thinking is welcome.


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        ummm, If they have a spotters building in and around the terminals the runway will be south, a whole bunch of backlit shots. Great for reg collectors but not for photogs IMO.


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          Signed ( currently count is 110 sigs ) and I included this comment...

          Such a site to be erected where the sun is predominantly behind, or each side of viewers to facilitate photography. Plane spotters are seen as "anoraks" by the general public but their presence is, in fact, an excellent deterrent to wrongdoers who would be swiftly reported to the authorities.
          An excellent example of this type of facility is at Luqa International, Malta where a photographers' platform has been erected and official holes made available in fencing around the airport.
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