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I'm back from Malta....

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  • I'm back from Malta....

    ....and had a great time.

    Managed to get up to Luqa for 2 days plus a couple of "Oh look dear, the airports' just over there. Mind if I stop off for half an hour or so ?" !! Also got to visit the Aviation Museum at Ta' Qali and a couple of shots of a BAC 111 and a DHC 4 at the old Hal Far airbase. Many thanks to those that I met for their help and welcome.

    It makes for a pleasant change to be able to visit an airport that has actually made efforts to help photographers. Official holes in the fence, clear glass in the terminal bar (so I'm told, didn't get there) and the platform opposite the terminal area make life so much easier.

    One thing that I did quickly learn is that temperatures up to 30 deg C during our visit make for a tendency to a vicious heat haze that quickly kills off any attempt at long lens use. I found that attempts to shoot touchdown shots from the platform with my 170 - 500 just didn't work. If you want touchdown shots then find a spot at either end of the runway, closer to the touchdown points, to rule out heat haze and use a shorter lens. Landing rollouts and rotation shots work well from the platform. I used a 70 - 300 there for 737's and 319/20/21 size of aircraft and only needed an 18 - 70 for the larger Emirates 777. Didn't see any large Russians or 747's but you'd need the 18 - 70 for them as well.

    The sun was so bright and high in the sky that I found I had to underexpose by .7 of a stop to avoid burning out the whites that the majority of visitors seem to paint their aircraft in.

    I was quite surprised to find that Malta is fairly quiet as far as movements are concerned, especially given its stragetic location in the Mediterranean. This fact however does mean that occasionally the unexpected happens, as witnessed by a Djibouti B727 calling in for a refuelling stop.

    All in all a great time was had by both of us, so much so that we took a couple of days out to look at properties with a view to retirement in Malta.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !

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    Originally posted by brianw999
    "Oh look dear, the airports' just over there. Mind if I stop off for half an hour or so ?"

    That is a technique I need to learn, my last visit to an airport resulted in 48 hours of being cold shouldered.

    Matt for my personal gallery.


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      Tried contacting you at the hotel indicated, but they had no-one with your surname!

      Would have loved meeting up!

      I guess it will have to be RIAT this year!

      Glad you liked our country!

      And yes, things are much more quiet at our airport nowadays. Since aircraft range has increased considerably, the need for stops has decreased.

      Well, cannot complain really, but when we went for a day to Heathrow, we shot more widebodies in a day than we would in a whole year in Malta!




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        Sorry about the inability to contact me. I was at the Soreda...and realised just after your post above that we checked in on my wifes' maiden name of Saunders as she was the lead name on the booking. We only got married last September and, due to various foreign trips, haven't had a chance to change her passport.

        We will most likely be at RIAT as we have the weekend off duty. Talk a bit later about meeting up (along with any other visitors) ?? Maybe we could all agree a date, time and place at RIAT ?

        Regards to all,

        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          Hey, glad you had a good time Brian! Just tell her your going spotting, I mean, you're the boss...........aren't you?

          I'm in Kent from tomorrow (Thursday) for my stepdaughters wedding, until Monday but I think I've left it a little late to suggest meeting up! I'm off in half an hour for a Who concert and I fly out at 08.15 in the morning.

          But RIAT would be good for a meet. I'm planning on a Sunday visit this year. Over to you (and everyone else!!)



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            We will be:

            11th July - Heathrow
            12th - Fairford
            13th - Fairford
            14th - Fairford
            15th - Fairford
            16th- Fairford
            17th - London City
            18th - RAF Museum Hendon
            19th - Duxford
            20th Gatwick