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"Badinfo rejection"--what should be in these fields?

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  • "Badinfo rejection"--what should be in these fields?

    Dear Gang,

    I have a quick question about filling in the fields for an airport overview. This photo has been rejected a couple of times for "badinfo" in aircraft, airline, and registration." Here is the link to the rejected photo and the information I included:

    Notice that I put unknown in all three of these fields. Should I put the aircraft and airline from which I shot the photo in those fields? I did that before and it got rejected. So I put unknown in all those fields. I don't know the reg number of the aircraft so that has to stay unknown. I was told to read the upload guidelines regarding airport overviews. But there is no such category in the detailed upload guideline, and I the only comments I found in other categories related to airport overviews included nothing on these issues.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Take a look at this shot Jim, the info is correct and if you follow the same format you should be ok. Essentially if it is an airport overview you need to put KONT as the aircraft reg when you fill in the auto-fill on the upload page and then the information should display correctly, after that all you need to do is select whether it is ramp/terminal etc.

    Matt for my personal gallery.


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      Thank you very much, Matt. After reading your post I went back and reread the badinfo entry on the detailed upload guidelines page and found the reference to entering the four-digit airport code in the aircraft type and the registration. I'll resubmit the photos with that info.