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    This was just brought to my attention...

    And adds more fuel to this fire, unfortunately.

    A user contacted me about the recent changes to the Terms of Use. The Demand Media representatives - some of whom have chimed into this thread as well as the thread ongoing in Photography - claimed that their legal department had been working on the new terms of use for for weeks.

    The terms of use of the following Demand Media websites are IDENTICAL TO THOSE OF AIRLINERS.NET. They simply did a "cut and paste" of their other site's terms of use!

    From (nearly identical)
    From (dated NOVEMBER 30, 2007)
    From (very similar)
    From (nearly identical, dated JUNE 1, 2007)

    So, it took their "legal" department WEEKS to cut and paste together the new terms of use?


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      Originally posted by Chris Kilroy
      Just for clarification,'s Photo Usage Terms have been updated as well (although in opposite directions from's):

      I felt, even though it had always been implied, that I should put in writing exactly what we do and don't intend to do with the photos uploaded here. In layman's terms, other than displaying the photos on the JetPhotos.Net domain (which covers our bases in the case of front page top shots, etc. as well as the main photo pages), we will not use your photos for anything else, EVER!!

      Unlike the management at Airliners.Net, I'm a photographer too, and the my rights as a photographer are very important to me. I, nor my team, would ever do anything to jeopardize that, or the trust the aviation photography community has in us.

      As Gabe says, we get lots of photo use requests every day to the Admin/Screeners, and each and every one is directed to contact the photographer directly!

      Good to know Chris , but i think your preaching to the converted anyway ! 99.9999% of uploaders here on JP are fully aware it would never happen.



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        anet woes

        Why muck around with something that was working ok?

        Sure had it's faults, but since this Demand Media mob took over it seems the site has more problems than ever.

        What I am worried about is that I have thousands of photos on and which many are not up to the standards for here.

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          Originally posted by Omar Alex Saffe
          Thread Deleted....
          Oh heavens not another software bug over there!!!

          Interesting to see one post where a certain Jeff M pays Chris K a compliment!!

          But seriously I would suggest that people hold off for a little while before deleting their photos as Demand may yet see The Light. However these do appear to be their standard terms for all of their sites so don't hold your breath.


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            What a complete mess!!!

            Well I deleted my pics a year or so ago at as I was sick of the crap it takes to upload a pic and the even worse crap on the forums.

            If they dont accept their mistakes and change the conditions is as good as dead for photos... the forum should be ok but for pics... its in serious trouble.


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              Besides all the currently ongoings at, i remember out of curiosity i once wandered in the Site-Related forum at and i think the first or the second thread read something like Photo Sales Payout Commission or Percentage or something like that wherein many a photographers had demanded a greater share of profits from what the website made as compared to what they were paid out of it.

              If i remember correctly or if i do my calculations right going from my personal sales statistics it comes to something like - 15cents per $1 or 15%

              Either way, most people werent happy with this ratio & demanded a bit more parity. Going by what i understand from you guys that thread too seems to've been deleted as i couldnt find it right now.

              But then coming back to the point, 15% ??????? What the helll ????


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                Originally posted by flynavy
                Another interesting point has been raised...

                What happens to the rights of photos taken by deceased members of under the new terms of use?

                AirNikon, Frank Schaefer come to mind.

                R.I.P. fellas.
                As curator/manager/big fan of Frank's work, I will have no hesitation in removing all images of his and my own should the issue not be resolved satisfactorily.

                Chris, this site rocks!!


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                  Originally posted by z740
                  Wow they were pretty quick to delete them! What did you say to them?
                  My photos arestill online there and have not been deleted yet!

                  May I suggest you post this somewhere on You will of course be called an overreacting fool by the usual folk, but there might be a very slight chance that this sort of post finally makes someone wake up... not before Monday, of course.
                  I can't post in the forum, I'm not a paying member over there or can i???

                  Dont think many people have got the patience to wait now, Soren pulled out his images, so did Eric D Smith the person who put up this thread.
                  And i believe quite a few others would have already saved the email in their drafts folder, mulling over whether to hit the send button or not.
                  I think that by people starting to pull there photos from there DB they hopefully will get the point. Know a few other danish spotters that are also realy to pull there photos!

                  Soren Madsen

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                    I am pulling my photos, I can just see this going further and further. I think I better start going through all my cd's now.... Red edit and Upload. Goodbye to 967images and many years of good times.


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                      Originally posted by CPH Aviation

                      I can't post in the forum, I'm not a paying member over there or can i???
                      Yes you can now post over there without paying-so have your say.


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                        Originally posted by cja
                        Yes you can now post over there without paying-so have your say.
                        You mean one can now share his/her opinion at without paying them for it ??

                        When did that happen ?


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                          Originally posted by Vishal Jolapara
                          You mean one can now share his/her opinion at without paying them for it ??

                          When did that happen ?
                          It's limited to the aviation photography forum, I think it was introduced a few months ago... not sure though.

                          I'm still baffled by Demand Media's complete ineptitude towards everything they have changed on It seems as though nothing ever works out right from the start and the site is their guinea pig.


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                            Originally posted by cja
                            Interesting to see one post where a certain Jeff M pays Chris K a compliment!!
                            Originally posted by JeffM
                            I am expecting results by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. How hard would it be for a lawyer to re-write this into something that doesn't make me feel like i'm bending over and grabbing my ankles? I've been pretty vocal against JP net over the years, but I will say that Chris K has done the right thing in backing the photographers that contribute to his site and doing so in plain english.
                            Pretty vocal against JP ??? For what ?

                            There's another guy NIKV69

                            Originally posted by NIKV69
                            Yes but in a few days time all your pics will still be here and you will still upload here. It's proven time and time again. What I find equally ironic is that the queue actually grew today when everyone was pulling their pics. As I have said if you hate DM so much why are you here? There seems to be other av-photo sites out there. It just proves that you all need the site just as much as it needs you. If you all want to think that DM is conspiring to steal your pics and make millions of dollars from it well that is your right. I don't see it that way and a thread with 200 posts isn't going to make me feel any different. When I see actual proof of the conspiracy then I will think differently. If you all want to yank your stuff and go to JP because Chris Kilroy sent you an "See anet is stealing your work and I am not" email be my guest. As stated in a week, month or whatever I bet a years salary you will still be here.
                   how did i miss that when i read Chris' mail ?


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                              Good luck in having your stuff removed from there.
                              Ive asked now 3 times over 4 months and have not had any action.
                              But why does that not surprise me.

                              I made the decision a long time ago that this was the site for me, having seen what has happend there over the previous few years, im happyin my choice!

                              Keep up the good work guys.
                              My photos on


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                                I've asked for mine removed and after seeing what Paul has said, I doubt mine will get removed, and I only have 67 photos there. Is there anyway we can get them to remove photos?