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    Originally posted by tnnonline
    But I think US comes in to Terminal 1 (same as Virgin)
    US Airways service sucks. I travel to Charlotte twice a year to visit my folks and never fly them. I have been on a 5 hours flight with them in which i wasnt even offered a drink !!

    Hey if you are flying from Gatwick, can you click pics from the big bridge between terminals? That must be a cool perspective


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      I wasn't the one who chose US Airways. My sister chose it, who vehemently refuses to fly Delta. We will eat at the airport during our 3 hour layover on the way there.

      All that really matters to me is that my bags make the connection. CLT is not the same kind of airport as PHL.


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        Most of the lounges at Gatwick are airline operated and therefore you'll need status or a J/F ticket to gain access. Id imagine there's a Servisair lounge somewhere that you can pay to gain entry for. Having never used it, im afraid I can not pass comment on it though.

        The airbridge connecting the terminals at LGW can be great for photos but shoot in raw as the glass has a very strong green tint to it. Also be subtle about spending to much time up here as security frown somewhat on it.

        Ill always try and fly in/out of LGW if I can, purely to avoid the hel hole that is LHR.


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          I'll always try and fly in/out of LGW if I can, purely to avoid the hell hole that is LHR.
          Oh Dan, am I with you on that one ! Heahrow has to be the worst dump of an excuse for an airport I have ever flown from, although I have to admit that my recent use of terminal 4 wasn't too bad. The Holideck lounge was very good. (see below)

          Regarding lounges. Both Heathrow and Gatwick have lounges that can be booked online independant of airline being used. Google search "Gatwick lounges" or "Heathrow lounges" and you'll get a selection of websites you can book through. Prices vary between 15 - 20 per person with access normally from 3 hours before flight time. Lounges generally open between 0600 - 2200, sometimes a bit later.

          If you are travelling economy it's always worth enquiring with your airline as to the possibility of paying a one off fee to use their own lounge. These lounges though are normally reserved for business and first class. Can't have the grockles mixing with the toffs now, can we !!
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Most places in London, should allow you to take photos without any problems. As mentioned before, don't take any pictures of trains and railway yards, as London police get very nervous. At Heathrow, I wouldn't take any photos except in a lounge or when you're at the gate. Last year in T4, at the gate, I took about fifteen-twenty shots without anyone bothering me. Generally, this is true of most airports and I haven't had any one bother me. Otherwise, enjoy your trip and hopefully you'll get some nice photos and some excellent plane photos.

            Thank you,



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              Pardon me if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs but one point to bear in mind when shooting from a terminal is the heavy colour tint to the glass. Heathrow terminal windows also have another colour tint called "dirt" !! so make sure you find a clean bit of glass.

              When you do, let me know where it is will you ?

              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                Originally posted by BA747-436
                Well first off, enjoy your trip. London can be a very photogenic city and a photographers paradise if you get the weather right! You haven't specified which type of photography you will be mostly aiming to achieve? The only places id say you 'may' have an issue with taking pictures around are: Airports (ask here for more detailed info on where to shoot at the London airports if that's what your after), M.O.D bases - Just don't lol. RAF and military airfields ( Generally contacting someone on the base prior to your trip may help you out), and private property. There may be more but those are the places I can think of at present.
                I would say depends..... If your taking pictures of planes at the the threshold of the runway there there is no restrictions even military airfields. The only base that prevents this is Boscombe Down which is a testing base. (however if you go a mile up the approach on top of a hill you won't have any problems). All other fields will be okay with this, I know cos I do it regularly.

                If your wanting pictures of buildings or the inside of buildings that is a different matter. Permission will always have to be sort for that.

                So if you want to go to heathrow and take photos of planes then there will be no restrictions placed on you if you're at the ends of the runways.

                Rule of thumb with museums. Ask before you shoot.

                PS a lot of my JP photos are from the Threshold at LHR.


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                  Photography at train stations is fine, the guidelines are that you should make yourself known to the station manager so that they know you are not a crazy person or something. Many station staff are ignorant of the rules and will say 'no photography' but they are talking out of their backsides.

                  If you came to my station I would happily let you take pictures!

                  Unfortunately there are too many ignorant people around and this video shows it coming from the Police, but also gives some helpful advice on candid photography in the UK.


         for my personal gallery.


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                    Just to clear up the points that have been made, a fair few of which are wrong.

                    In general, you can take photos of what you like, provided, you don't take photos of whats called a prohibited place, and you are in public.

                    What's in public? Not things you think, for example, airports are not public places, they are owned by private companys. In the case of the main London Airports, that company is BAA, who have by laws which give them the copyright over photos of thier property. While they don't enforce that, they can.
                    Places like railway stations are private property too, you need permission if you are inside them. They may or may not give that, depending on the manager at the time.
                    Any Military establishment (ie all Military Airfields) is a prohibited place. You cannot take photos of a prohibited place. (Nor can you sketch them make models of them or paint them!) Thats a provision of the Official Secrets Acts. Usually, that is not enforced, however it CAN be, and therefore is best avoided unless you know the right answers.
                    You may be stopped and asked what you are doing by police if you are taking street type photos, thats a result of the current terrorist threat. But usually a quick explanation will solve that issue.
                    There are some restrictions on photos in other places, like Trafalgar Square in London. That restriction is aimed at proffessionals, but again, it may cause you to be asked what you are doing and why.
                    Lastly, avoid tripods. 2 reasons, first there are areas where they are prohibited by bye laws. Secondly, in places where they arn't prohibited as such, you may cause what's called highway obstruction if you use one.
                    Common sense will see you all right, and although that list looks awful, the reality isn't that bad.


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                      I have another quick question. I just read a thread on about UK customs being extremely picky and over-scrutinous. I remember flying into LGW in 2004, being asked a few questions like "Have you ever been here?" and then having my passport stamped and being allowed in. It took less than 3 minutes.

                      But the way people make it sound now, I'm going to be strip searched and humilitated in order to pass HM Customs.

                      How much of this is just over-exaggerated? Other than clothes and my camera and phone, I won't be taking anything else. I've got to save all the space I can to bring back gifts! (Especially with the airlines charging extra for luggage!).

                      (We may have to start another thread on customs.)


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                        You're mistaking HM Customs, and Immigration.

                        Immigration stamp your passport, and provided all paperwork is in order, and genuine, then thats the end of them.

                        Following that, like most other Countries, it's Customs.

                        HM Customs are a law unto themsleves. However, although you may be stopped and asked questions, they arn't as bad as painted. If you are straight with them, don't try to smuggle anything in, then usually thats the end of that. There is a possibility you and your bags could be searched, but as you are a visitor, things like your camera are safe. I say there is a possibility, but it's remote, I wouldn't worry about it. Thier prime concern these days is drugs. Don't have any, and no problem.

                        Like the above authoritys in all other states, don't get lippy with them just yes, no and 3 bags full, and no problems. You'll find those that have had problems don't follow that advice, and thats why they had issues.