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Help me understand this SXM shot......

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  • Help me understand this SXM shot......


    Sometimes rules are hazy...

    "Part of subject missing/cut off
    This is mostly a problem with shots which are taken from the side of the aircraft but it is somewhat subjective as in many cases cropping out parts of the aircraft improves the picture dramatically, but if something has been cut off without a clear motive for doing so it will most likely be rejected."

    From the JP rules/

    from the DB......

    Gathering my folders from 4 years of SXM shooting and gonna upload a few more.....or part of a few more!


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    That is a pretty sweet shot. I presume that screeners give a little leeway to shots like this.


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      Den, by looking at the screening history the photo was instantly the screener obviously felt there was enough good in the pic for it to warrant IA, if not, 2 others would've had their say on the outcome of it.

      personally..SXM shots don't do much for me.

      next trips
      USA/DXB August.


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        A few more mm on that shot would have worked wonders. Personal opinion shouldn't really pay to much of a part in a screeners decision to add or reject though. And as much as cutting a subject off might imo look awkward we have to keep to a general consensus when screening. As said, it mostly goes on a case by case judgement. Although this shot may not have worked elsewhere or in differing locations, it is acceptable in the screening criteria with all other aspects considered it has been included in the DB.


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          Help me understand this SXM shot......

          Hey Dan!

          A reasonable explanation....but...

          There are a hundred plus shots on the DB from this particular point that have been leveled, cropped and accepted. Because of the large numbers they have become common and nothing exceptional gets taken from this spot, except possibly some extremely low approaches. None of these shots depict anything but a full view of the A/C

          Personally I don't care who takes, screens or uploads these incomplete or chopped beach shots but I do have issue with the fact they may decrease the level of quality and hard work many seek to achieve in this hobby, prompting similar uploads that may jam the queue as well as decrease the integrity of the site because of a sketchy precedent.

          There are endless possibilities for quality shooting on SXM from many different spotting points. The boredom doesn't have to be there, as may be seen by viewing SXM shots taken by many of us over the last two years.

          I trust y'all will understand my concern.

          Denis McBriarty ( BIGDEN )
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            Denis, rest assured, that for any borderline shot you will find in the db, there have been at least 100 photos rejected looking like this. Dan said it very well, personal gusto shouldn't be a factor while screening. On the other hand, we are all a bunch of enthusiasts who can get emotional at times, looking at photos. If we were all to agree in 100% of the cases, or even in 80% or less, we wouldn't need a voting system for screeners.

            But I understand and share your concerns. But think of it that way: such a photo, outside the box, is needed every once in a while IMO.

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