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Spotting in Doha (Qatar)

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  • Spotting in Doha (Qatar)

    On my way to Asia, i will stop by and make a transit in Doha International Airport for few days. Could you guys please tell me some information about spotting in Doha such as:

    - Is it legal to spotting in Doha (around airport, inside terminal, along runway)
    - Where can i do some spotting (spotting location)?
    - How do i suppose to behave in Doha (I mean in religious ways .....)

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    I have a friend of mine working there in the airport, I'll pm u his details he too is quite the spotter kind although he dosent post his shots.

    Also try speaking to Orry Dryver
    I too want to go there later this year to meet my dad so.........if at all u come across someone interesting please keep me informed.

    BTW, none of my business but what're gonna be doing in Doha for a few days ?

    Cheers - Vishal