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    well as of now I have a very crappy sony P&S and it seems everytime I use it it fails to focus on subjects and my pictures are getting more and more out of focus/ soft. So since I work for bestbuy I was checking in on cameras and different employee prices, and found that bestbuy has accomidations through Nikon. A D80 (bdy only) was $599 and this lense =

    was $340. so im thinking its a pretty good deal but I want sum users to give me some feedback before I make a pretty big purchase (only 19 and make crappy money).. your help is appreciated...

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    Don't bother with the D80. I have the D40 and that Lens and it's all I need. Save your money for a future purchase of the D300.
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      I think that's a pretty nice price for that combo !
      I would got for it !! The D80 is a very reliable and
      good camera !
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        As a backup I have found the D-80 to be very reliable. I carry it onboard most flights, for the flash feature and size as well as just about every place I go on vacation. It's never packed.

        My personal lens of choice is the 24-120 VR which is SOLID and great for a lot of the stuff I do on SXM. Zero problems in 3 years.

        The only problem I have is that the " OK " key is on the right side of the screen. It's nice to have all the keys on the left.

        If you feel you need the longer lens; great, but the versatility of the 24-120 shows up in all the other photo tasks you may have outside of plane shots.




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          I stepped up from a D70S and I now have two D80 bodies, one with a Nikon 18-135 and the other with the 70-300 VR that you mention. At the prices you can get them for ? .... well, I'd take your fingers off for those prices.

          A good solid camera with an excellent choice of lens. The 70-300 VR setup is the one I use the most for my aviation shooting unless I'm shooting aircraft that I can get up close to. I'd recommend that setup given the cost and your personal circumstances. With a 10.2 mpixel sensor the D80 will see you well into the future.

          One tip with the VR lens. If you're shooting stationary objects turn the VR off.
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            Yep, D80 + 18-70 AF-S VR + 70-300 AF-S VR is all your normal spotting needs can require. You can save some money with a D60 though.


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              If you can afford the D80, buy it. It may take a touch longer to learn the ropes but once you do you won't be thinking "I wish I'd bought the D80"

              Besides, if Brian can use it, anyone can!!



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                Besides, if Brian can use it, anyone can!!
                Andy, I have given your eloquent reply some long and thoughtful consideration.

                All things being equal, and with no probable change on the horizon, my considered opinion is.......

                BOLLOCKS !
                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                  I can only echo everyone elses comments. The D80 is a fabolous body and that lens is very nice to. At those prices i would love one.


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                    I purchased a D-80 after my D-2x died and was very surprised with the focus speed and image quality from it. I now use it as second body for airshows and such with my D-300 the main body.

                    For what you pay the D-80 is a great choice in my book.
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                      ed i think you should buy my nikon 70-300 lens off of me since i wanna get the 40D...what do ya say buddy help me out here riddle has me in a hole lol