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  • Metering mode

    Hi folks,

    My DSLR Canon 10D camera has three:



    Center-weighted Average

    I noted that using a AI servo mode none of the AF focus points flashed
    when using Evaluative in AI focus mode some would flash.

    Which mode doing you use for aircraft that are on app when sky's are

    1 / Clear sky

    2 / Slightly cloudy

    3 / Overcast.

    thanks for any thoughts,

    kind regards,

    Steve / UK

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    After experimenting with all the settings I found out that the matrix (evaluating) metering mode of my nikon is smarter than I am. So I use Evaluative all the time.

    Only when I shoot portraits or when I shoot in extreme light situations I use spot-metering. But even then I rather use exposure correction than use another exposure mode.

    It is good to know that a built in DSLR exposure meter reads the light reflected from the subject and not the light itself.

    A DSLR meter in evaluating mode will therefor often underexpose very white objects (like snow) making those object look grey and overexpose very dark objects, making them also look grey. In those cases use spot metering and expose on the object that you want to have perfectly exposed.

    In all cases experiment.



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      Hi Roel,

      Thanks for the input here, appreciate it.

      kind regards,

      Steve / UK


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        Hi Steve,

        I had done some experimentation on this topic with a 350D. For what they are worth, you can see the results here:



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          I prefer center-weighted on my Nikon.


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            Hi Charles, Stehan.

            Thanks for the replys, Charles that is great, thankyou. All the information folks
            are kindly giving me here I am writing onto small cards, will get them laminated
            so I can carry them when on photo trips very handy in these early days of my DSLR hobby until it becomes second nature in using my 10D and results become
            more consistent.

            kind regards,

            Steve / UK