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    Is anyone going to be out at LAS during the next week? I'll be out there from May 30th to June 6. Other than Sunset boulevard, Spotter's Wiki talks about the staff parking garage, the carpark of Pannevino's, and the north parking lot or the north parking structure at the new Town Center on the southwest corner of Sunset/Las Vegas.
    Can anyone share any details about these places or post some example pics? I'm really hoping to get some of the classic hotel background shots of departures from the 1's. It seems like this would be in the morning, but from what location?

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    Since summer is upon us and the heat haze will be so bad that your pictures will probably be useless. The sun angle is so high right now that the A/C will be totally top-lit and will also make your pictures pretty bad.

    Those casino shots are a rare winter time occurrence and you'll not get them during the summer. Sure they might depart to the north if the wind is right but again the heat will make those pictures use-less. And those pictures are taken from the employee side of the parking garage above the airline terminals.

    Your best bet is Park 2000 and take approach shots. Corner of Eastern Ave. and Sunset Road.

    To kill a few hours make sure you stop by The Airplane Shop and chat with Chris Kilroy. You'll probably take home a few models as well.

    Look for the ad on the front page. The shop is just a few minutes off the strip near Mandalay bay!!!

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      Alright, thanks for the info.