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  • Heathrow Spotter ID Card

    Have any of our LHR or UK folks applied/got one of these ?
    Anyways, sounds like an excellent idea. > bulletin archive >
    19/11/08 08:11 Heathrow Aviation Enthusiast Scheme Launched 24th November 2008.
    • We would particularly welcome applications from the enthusiasts who visit Heathrow on a regular basis.

    Heathrow Airport Watch, set up by the Met's Aviation Security unit in partnership with BAA, it recognises the key part aviation enthusiasts have to play in keeping Heathrow safe and that they are a valued part of the airport community.

    Membership to the scheme provides members with a specially designed identity card, lanyard and card holder which should be worn at all times whilst enthusiasts are engaged in their hobby at Heathrow Airport. It also allows all enthusiasts to be easily identified by police and security teams at the airport.

    "Regular visitors to Heathrow are most likely to notice something out of the ordinary on or around the airport. It is hoped that the initiative will encourage enthusiasts to contact us if they do see anything suspicious, whilst allowing us to identify those who are genuinely enjoying their past-time at the airport."

    The first 200 identity cards and lanyards have been supplied free of charge by Heathrow Police. The identity cards will now cost a one off charge of £7.50. Application forms are available for collection from Heathrow Police Station, by logging onto and following the link to the Safer Airport Team, or by emailing [email protected]. All members will be security checked prior to receiving the card. The scheme is aimed at those who regularly visit Heathrow Airport, but all enthusiasts are welcome to apply.
    Since launch 7 weeks ago, the scheme has attracted 260 applications with more arriving daily. It is currently taking about 4 weeks to issue the cards. There is no limit to the number of members for the scheme – the more eyes and ears the better.

    Sgt Martin Baird organising the scheme said "I hope to be able to further the interests of enthusiasts at Heathrow once the membership is established, and I look forward to receiving many more applications".
    Chief Inspector Cliff Law said "I would like to congratulate Sgt Baird and the Safer Airport Team for driving this community initiative forward which early indications are showing that it is proving to be extremely popular".

    Please click on the following link to download an application form electronically, or call into Heathrow Police Station to request and collect in person. Aviation Enthusiasts Application

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    And at LCY, the irony.......
    Go to > bulletin archive >
    09/01/09 15:09 Police Ask For Help At London City Airport

    Do you live, work or use an area under the London City Airport flight path?
    If the answer is yes then the Metropolitan Police Service needs your help.
    Police regularly patrol and search areas under the flight path as part of our counter terrorism measures, but here’s how you can play a part.
    If you see or hear about any suspicious behavior we need you to tell us.
    It could be in the form of subject’s videoing or photographing aircraft or making notes of flight times. They could be making repeat visits to the same areas
    or even just looking a bit out of place.

    Please use the link below to contact us. Your communications will be treated with the strictest confidence. Thank you for helping to make London City Airport a safe place.

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    I thought they already tried this out before and it didn't really take off. Gatwick has recently rolled out a similar scheme also.

    I'm Sceptical if either of these will actually work.


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      I've just signed up for the LAASI ID card scheme. See here for more details......

      ......and I think I might just sign up for the Heathrow one as well.

      ......and trust London City to set up a system designed to combat the very people who are likely to hold such a card !!
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        Airport Watch

        We now have Airport Watches "scheme" in effect in some Canadian Airport such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary.

        It is well organize and it is working.
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          No regional body head to write to as in France
          Applications altogether proceeded by real professionals who work by the airport and
          Deal looks to be clear enough
          Sounds fair
          Some stressed airports authorities could use this as a source of good spirited inspiration
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            It all started here in YYZ,, great to see the program grow!!


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              Well I guess that takes care of a couple of hundred or so photographers that visit from time to time.
              Be interesting to see what they come up with for the other 2 or 3 million a week that use/visit the area.
              What a load of rubbish............
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                Originally posted by Greg Wilson View Post
                Well I guess that takes care of a couple of hundred or so photographers that visit from time to time.
                Be interesting to see what they come up with for the other 2 or 3 million a week that use/visit the area.
                What a load of rubbish............
                Point is though, the couple of hundred photographers actually watch what is going on. The other two million couldn't give a shit as long as they get a window seat !
                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                  We might just be lucky if this scheme gets the nod @ BOM !


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                    For me, taking photographs is an essential right (freedom of speech, anyone?) that I would not want to loose. This is one important step in the wrong direction, i.e. in the direction of a dictatorship. Granted the UK is almost there, but why not fight?


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                      Schemes like this might have more credence if they were national instead of local. At least then the filth would have a better idea of who spots where, how many regulars at each airport/airfield etc. And make all the different owners and operators aware that there are interested and dedicated people out there who take an active interest. And not with malicious intent.

                      However, until it does become a national thing then it's really only any good for the locals, not people like me who go to LHR maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

                      While a national DB (how the Government love their DB's!) might be seen as a step toward "dictatorship", in these somewhat tense times it might just give a bit of credibility to our hobby, and stress the legitimacy of it.

                      Mind you, given the authority's ability to lose data willy nilly, maybe we should all think carefully!!!



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                        That would be nice if the United States or the States individually took action in trying to do this sort of thing. However the government seem to have bigger fish to fry these days...


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                          I think it's a good thing that allows spotters to do what they like without any fear and allows authorities to control airport. Anyone knows if they are going to do that in MAN airport too?


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                            For me, the best solution is that we could be left alone with our hobby and not be bothered by some policeman without brains but with too much time (getting money from taxes paid by you).

                            It should be clear to anybody with half a brain that taking pictures of planes (either flying or one the ground) is a innocent pastime.

                            There are other, much more pressing, problems in the world that need to be solved. Taking pictures of planes isn't one of them.


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                              You never know what can happen. It's a good thing that police controls the airport and what's going on around it. This doesn't mean that we can't spot. I'm not annoyed by police controlling me, I'm annoyed when they tell me that I have to move away.
                              For this reason I think that if we are known by police we can spot with much more calm and they can di their job better for the security of everyone.