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400d, tips and hints?

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  • 400d, tips and hints?

    hi there all.

    i have just upgraded from my Lumix FZ-30 to a Canon 400d, im going over the manual but if any spotters have some good advice on settings to use i would greatly apreciate it.


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    Read through this thread to get a basic understanding of what settings to use.

    To sum it up use Av priority mode, ISO around 100 or 200, F/stop around f/8, and auto white balance. The best way to learn what settings get the best results for your camera is to read the manual and experiment in different conditions.

    Hope you enjoy your new purchase.



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      Best advice is to just go out and take photos of everything. People, places, animals, cars, journey to work, etc. Take lots of photos and then look at them, then identify whats wrong with them. Just get used to the camera and how it works and the way it handles images at different settings.

      I have a 400d as a travel camera and i really love it, it's a great little camera and when it's paired with some good glass it can give more expensive cameras a run for their money.

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        Sweet spot

        For aircrafts coming toward you on a bright day F8.0 1/500 ISO 100 W/B on auto and shoot RAW if you can. Also use AI Servo.

 is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!


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          cheers lads, will do