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Heat Haze at -2

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    Originally posted by LX-A343 View Post
    Wouldn't it be far easier to just blame the camera?
    Photography rule number one, the camera is only good as old drunken git on the shutter.


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      Have you checked there are not artifical heat sources between you and the runway? DUS has some exhaust pipes from the air condition system, that create some nasty heat distortion especially in winter.
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        Originally posted by Simpleboy View Post
        The Speed of light is always constant,
        Time dilates and lengths contract to compensate, and dont ask how, my Uni course only spent a week on this stuff (just finished first year physics)

        Im just being picky. It effectively has slowed down but due to all this relativity bullshit it hasnt really.
        This is incorrect. The speed of light is constant in a vacuum. Paul was completely correct with his explanation, relativity has nothing to do with this!

        EDIT: Oh, I see this is a really old thread. It came up in a search.


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          velocity = frequency x wavelenght.

          What does NOT change is frequency. What changes is wavelength and hence velocity. The energy of the wave does not change and this is directly related to frequency.

          energy = h x f h is Planck's constant, f is its frequency in Hz.

          Guys I received my Bsc in Physics 26 years ago, and I am not having pleasant flashbacks. End of discussion.

          As said before, heat haze depends on a temp difference between layers of air...acceptable. If you wish I can, I can explain treating light as a wave or as a particle ( wave-particle duality theory of light) Tuition fees apply .


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            Reading the latest replies I seem to have some kind of flashbacks ... and weird ones, may I add!!
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