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Nikon D5000 vs Canon 450D?

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  • Nikon D5000 vs Canon 450D?

    So I have troubles now. I cant afford the T1i for now so I decided to go for one of these. I know the Canon has greater megapixels, but the Nikon also has video. So which one shall it be and why? I would like to take photographs for this site of course, but would also like videos sometimes, if Canon is better in this case, then I shall go for that one. Thanks!

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    I don't know the cameras personally, however both will be capable of excellent results if used correctly.
    The camera is only as good as the operator, it boils down to you physically going to the shop and handling them both. (As we always say)


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      Since I shot Canon, I would say Canon

      Both Canon and Nikon make excellent equipment, both will allow you to take images suitable for The decision-point may come down to the intangible things like; what is available in your local area, what your mates shoot, what you have used in the past.

      Get one and enjoy the heck out of it.


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        I know i come late here.But still want to share my views with you guys.I am using nikon d5000 for past three years and it is best ever camera which I had been use in my life. I suggest you that please don't go for price, go for quality first. The display quality of nikon d5000 is best. The best way to clear your confusion is to check features and specification of these both camera. According to opinion you have to check features of Nikon d5000 first and then compare it with your another choice. You can check features of nikon model at nikon d5000 manual