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Canon Releases 60D, 4 lenses, and 2 entenders!

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    Unlevel - REJECT!

    Joking! That's exactly the kind of thing I want to see and it sure does look impressive. Thanks for making me want a 7D even more!
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      I've yet to find the 7D that impressive at higher ISO's, however i havn't really used it that much aboive 800.

      If you want high ISO ability they get a 5D2. My god are they good at high ISO.
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        The EOS 60D is now available in Germany. Price is around 1100 Euros (body only) with deliveries from October on. To my surprise, the price for a 50D has climbed from 650 Euros (best offer) last week to 730 Euros today.

        get FRA spotting informations here:


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          Although still not available at retailers in the US as yet, the prices for the new series of L lenses have been posted at ADORAMA.

          OLD EF300 f2.8 L......$4499.00 USD

          NEW EF300 f2.8L.......$7000.00 USD

          OLD EF400 f2.8L.......$7190.00 USD

          NEW EF400 f2.8L.......$11000.00USD

          I really do not want to see what the replacements for the 500mm,600mm and 800mm lenses would cost. Seeing how well the last generation of this line of lenses performed, I may consider adding a couple of primes from the old line while they are available......for a hobby insanity! As a professional, you probably have to sell a lot of pix.


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            My 4 year old 300 just gain a bit in value!! Wondering if the missus would let me sell it off, and get the new 400...I knew I shoulda rolled Darren when he was last in LA!! He had the new 800 with him. Now that's a lens!!