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How to make such shots?

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  • How to make such shots?

    I've taken some shots from the cockpit at night, like this one in a simulator:

    But how to do it without getting blurry? I don't have a tripod in the plane, so I have to handheld the camera. And it is not very useful to switch on the dome light as the whole atmosphere will be gone.

    So which settings should I use and how to do it in general?

    Thanks for help!

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    Find some place to put the camera down. Then use the self-timer to avoid blurring the pic by pressing the shutter release button.

    Other option is one of the tiny mini tripods.
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      Thanks for your reply. So there seems no way you can do it handheld? As it isn't easy to find a place where to lay the camera on the jumpseat or next to it in a 747...


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        I think you will find tripods are pretty much hard work in a flightdeck particularly a moving aircraft.
        Most of the better in flight stuff is used using the Manfrotto variable friction or magic arm.
        Its an awesome device for inflight photography on a flightdeck and with a mount can screw onto jump seats etc.
        I took these with it the St Elmo's shot in turbulence will give you some idea how good it is. That shot is the single hardest project i've ever undertaken and tried for 3 years to get that shot.

        Best investment for any flightdeck photography you can make...


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          Or you can kneel on the floor rest your left elbow on your thigh turn the ISO up , take a deep breath and squeeze the button as gently as you can..


          Ok its noisy but not too blurry, (however Darren's answer does sound better).


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            sorry, I've just seen your replies so late... . I think I'll buy this "magic arm", it really sounds good.

            So thank you for your tips!