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  • Originally posted by seahawk View Post
    No, the correct version would be:

    If you want to make sure that you avoid a similar rejection, then there should be at least 45° difference. You can up-load shots without that difference if you think the composition, the quality or other factors make it worth a try.

    Absolutely, and on that note since this thread is heading rapidly off track, it's time to wrap it up.


    • I opened it up again, to make another point.

      The "up-load guidelines" are meant to help our users. They can not take every possible aspect into account and we have written them in a way that should make them ok for 80-85% of our up-loads, or in other words "the typical spotting photo".

      But they are only guidelines and some of the best shots we have on our site have broken those guidlelines in one way or the other.
      We encourage or users to do it, but only if they put some thought into it and give us a reason why we should make an exception from the guidelines.

      To give you an example.

      Say a user up-loads a shot of a take-off at some airport and has a shot of a similar angle and a similar quality already in the database.

      Good reasons to accept the shot nevertheless:

      1. the new one is a night shot the other is not
      2. livery has changed or winglets have been added
      3. one is taken in winter with snow (more than a little), the other in summer
      4. the new one shows spectacular condensations over the wings (or is shown kicking up water spray or snow or whatever in a spectacular way) - the other not

      not so good reasons to accept the shot (taken from typical appeal messages)

      1. it was taken on a different day
      2. it was taken on a different runway
      3. there is a tiny new sticker next to the front door
      4. it was taken with a new camera
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      • Originally posted by Roy C View Post
        Tell that to the 13 year old that someone upset to the point of tears. Wake up and realise there are many different personalities, characters and emotional states that all of you deal with.. so when he sees other pictures that we can’t explain why they have been accepted, what does he think……?
        Jan Jasinski, for that is who you are talking about, has realised that the world does not revolve around him, has matured immensely in his short time on these forums and, for a relative youngster here is now learning how to communicate in an adult world. Where did he ever say that he was on the point of tears ? Unless you know him personally that is just your probably misguided assumption. I do recall that although some of the responses to him were seen as being a little harsh they were nonetheless constructive and he responded well to them, to the point where he even managed to dent Paul Nichol's hard skin with his comeback.

        You on the other hand seem to be hell bent on a personal crusade against the JP crew, ostensibly in support of others who you say are "too scared" to risk upsetting us !!, but are probably just enjoying your personal moment of fame. Let's make something clear here...there may well be some photographers who never seem to learn from mistakes made and continue to upload rubbish and therefore cause us annoyance at having our time wasted, but at no time does anyone on the crew hold any grudge against an individual by applying different screening rules. To my certain knowledge you have managed to piss off two screeners here but we are both in agreement that should you upload any images they will be treated in the same manner as anyone else's uploads.

        Y'all have a nice day now.

        P.S. I agree, time to close this thread but seeing as how I made the last post I'll leave that to another JP crew member with administration rights. It would be awful if I was to be accused of using my admin rights to get my own way wouldn't it ?
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


        • nope - not Jan - never heard of him, just a lad i met at the 'row with his dad. yep i agree we should end this. the only thing thats mature at 13 is cheese....


          • There are countless extremely talented 13-14-15-16 year old photographers out there who've all spent time and effort learning. If this kid was close to tears then it's up to him to find the determination to pass through his frustrations, just the same way as every human being on the planet has to when faced with something they find difficult but still want to achieve. Only he can do that, it isn't something we can be responsible for.
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