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    Wow! Congratulations to her! Nice to see she has a proper equipment too!!
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      Well thats AWESOME. I am going to be a young grandfather. My 21y old is expecting a little girl. I cant wait for my little one to go spotting with me. Already have a little baby suit made " MY Grandapa is a Spotter" I cant wait.....


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        Originally posted by Iwnafly View Post
        Already have a little baby suit made " MY Grandapa is a Spotter" I cant wait.....

        Great idea!!

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          What a shame that forums and internet photo pages like the fiveStars jp community didn't exist when I was 9,5....
          Well let me just recalculator... autumn 1987. No, that was not the time of internet photo communities.... . ... .. . ..

          Edit: Crazy crazy... things that still existed in 1987: PanAM-742s, NorthWest-742s, LTU Tristars (Lockheed L1011), etc etc etc... *sigh* Maybe someone wants to invent an iphone app to show random jp-photos of such great a/c on your phone... ... ...
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          That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
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            Things that die NOT exist, when I was ~10 while spotting at ZRH with a family friend, a pilot: runway 14/32 at ZRH, the idea, that music could be made with phones, internet, the vision of making photos without film .... but I am sure we had electricity!
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