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    I received the following email from a Saab Aircraft representative a few days ago and was wondering what my response should be. I have no issue with them using my photo as long as they give credit to me. I don't think requesting money in this situation would be appropriate, or am I incorrect?

    Re: Photo

    Hello Chris,

    We are in the midst of developing our 2011 Calendar and would like to know if a high resolution photo of this image is available. If selected, it will be part of a free publication that will be distributed to 2000 of our contacts.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Paul Bryson
    Manager, Sales Support & Marketing
    Saab Aircraft Leasing
    21300 Ridgetop Circle
    Sterling, VA 20166
    703-406-7209 phone
    Thanks for any help on this matter. This is the first time I've had a request for one of my photos so I'm a tad clueless.


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    Hi Chris,

    isn't that great? As long as they give credit to you I wouldn't request any money for it, as they are using it as a free publication according to the email.



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      Forget it! What do you think is the caledar used for? Marketing! i.e. costomer retention.

      Thanks for asking, and send them what you think the photo is worth, be it 50, 100 or 150 Euros, but for sure not free.

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        Patrick, Gerardo, thank you both for your replies. My only hesitation is the fact that the email stated that "If selected, it will be part..." so I don't want to scare away the chance of my photo being used. I'd love for it to be used.

        Thanks again gentlemen!



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          "If selected" means they'll use the best one they get for free. They're trying it on. If you want some coverage then let them use it with, as a minimum an easily read photographer's credit and a free copy of the calendar....but I would charge them US$50 as a minimum.

          I've had a couple of very similar requests recently. As soon as you mention even a minimal fee you never hear from them again.

          From experience, if a potential user of one of your pictures doesn't mention a fee right from the outset then they have no intention of paying for it. The sooner photographers get together and refuse to release images for free the better.
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