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Photo upload limit and a sugestion

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  • Photo upload limit and a sugestion

    Hi guys!
    I hope this is the right forum and if not please redirect me...
    over the last month and a half I uploaded about 200 photos and got about 55-60 rejections. My overall precentge was 65-70%, and I was banned from uploading anymore photos until the rate of rejections is down again. My question is why can't I still upload photos if my monthly rejections rate is down to 25?
    My other question is why don't the site editors allow a person to have a higher number of rejections if he stands with a reasonable acceptance precenge (65-70%)

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    We have the same rules for all. Photographers with 400+ photos even with regular acceptance rate in the queue a few months back were cause for quite strong suggestions from other photographers to limit the upload number.

    Put it that way: 30% rejection rate means for the high number uploaders also a high number of photos which are doomed for rejection. We expect a higher quality than average from high number uploaders.

    If anything is going to change, the upload limits will be reduced rather than increased, rewarding the high quality uploaders and limiting average and below average uploaders.
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      Uploading an entire memory card isn't the best way. It's better to upload just your finest photos - the really eye-catching one.

      That also keeps the upload queue smaller. has another policy of once you've reached a certain number of uploads - you have a fixed number of upload slots. For me, it was 15 uploads in the queue since I had 130 images on the site (and acceptance ratio was 78%, down from a high of 86%).

      Their system worked okay - but their queue was also much smaller too - around 9200 images at last count, and they usually took about 1 week to get through them.

      People starting out at didn't have the chance to upload 10 images in a go, like I could here - you had much tougher restrictions until you got more images uploaded.

      The best thing sites like or can do is to encourage and support a fast moving queue, that's good for the sites, and good for photographers too, especially ones starting out who find it difficult to wait a long time then get a rejected image.


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        70% is not the best ratio... Well, mine is pretty low at the moment as well, but I am not uploading 200 shots at a time. Max 15... Currently only 2 in the queue.
        So I somehow agree with the limiting of uploads if too many rejections happened. I could live with it as well. Didn't happen to me yet....

        The length of the queue was and is always a topic. Right now queue is at 14,5 days. I learnt: that's the way it is. I know the screening team is doing what they can.



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          Interested to see this thread, as I stopped uploading in September last year after my last upload took fourteen days(!) to be screened (it was accepted) and the no of photos in the queue was 13,500+. I've had a look tonight and am very pleased to see it's down to 7900, so I'm going to upload one photo to see how long it takes to screen it. I was never a mass uploader, typically having a maximum of three in the queue at any one time.


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            Yeah, the queue is down to ~8000 and 8-9 days. Down from ~12000 around Christmas time.

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              Yep, and the uploads have started to pick up quite consedrably.
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