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Spotting in Madrid (LEMD / MAD)

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  • Spotting in Madrid (LEMD / MAD)

    Hey everybody,
    I will be in Madrid from 26 April to 1 May 2011 and I am planning on doing some plane spotting at LEMD / MAD. I have never been to Madrid and I would be really grateful for any advice and help: good locations, how to get there, best times of day, equipment needed (lenses, binoculars), security situation etc. Maybe even one the locals would like to join me for a day at the fence.
    I am looking forward to your input and information. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    waiting for answers coming from spanish spotters, i try to help you: i went to MAD the last year on may.

    According to this little guide: if you have not a car and you don't like taking photos through the windows, the best place is the spot D.

    It's really five minutes walk from the Metro Station "Barajas". There you will see the whole ground movements. No take-offs or landings.

    A 300mm lens is needed and the light is good in the afternoon.

    Hope this helps.