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  • Top 10 2011

    With the year almost over I would like to show my top ten of 2011.
    (Now I hope that on the last days something spectecular won't visit us!)

    Counting down
    10 Rare to catch a civvie Turbolet!
    9 Yakovlev 40, becoming increasingly rare these days.
    8 A nice C-9, will be retired soon so great to see her up close.
    7 An-26 at night. Quite a challenge to get her on this rainy evening.
    6 Fine Candid on approach in beautiful weather.
    5 A nice indian cargo A310. A few months later the airline folded.
    4 Very cool maintenance vistor this year.
    3 A 737-200 operational!
    2 This year we were treated by several An-12's, this beauty was the highlight!
    1 A sad event, the last flight of 'my' 767 by Martinair...

    Many many more highlights are runner up, like the Aviastar Tu-204's at Schiphol, the airshows at Koksijde, Duxford, Oostwold and off course Leeuwarden.
    But these 10 are visitors I will never forget.

    Thnx for watching in 2011 and please continue in 2012!
    Best wishes to all.
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    For me it was a year, where I did not find time (or motivation) for much spotting. So my highlights were small.

    5. being inside the NSASA 747SP

    4. Finally got a VFW-614 (last flying)

    3. Finnair 757 with winglets:

    2. Flying 732

    1. special colors on an German UH-1D
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      Good idea!

      Of course, I have slightly different criteria to select my top ten. But there it goes ...

      10) Thai B747 in *A colors: B747 are not regular at ZRH anymore, so a special aircraft with special colors in special light. [photoid=7121545]

      9) World airways MD11: Another rare bird these days at ZRH [photoid=7105139]

      8 ) Virgin A333: Just seen here, if they come to SR Technics[photoid=7066188]

      7) ex-Hamburg Airways A320: I flew on exact this one for holidays. They went bankrupt exactly the day before we were scheduled to fly back. Fortunately, the tour operator managed to charter another aircraft [photoid=7066181]

      6) Edelweiss A333: Brand new a/c taken some hours before her first commercial flight [photoid=7066007]

      5) SQ A380: No Top 10 without this behemoth, taken in my preferred winter light![photoid=7036368]

      4) Swiss A340 with Swiss Mountains:Once every few years, weather good is really good to me [photoid=7029778]

      3) Korean Cargo B744F: A common aircraft, not so common at ZRH and it took me god knows how many attempts to finally catch it [photoid=7124754]

      2) Stunning light: Absolutely gorgeous light this morning: sun breaking through a thick layer of fog [photoid=7179269]

      1) LX A333 wing shot: My first flight with an Airbus widebody, well actually my second, as it was my flight back [photoid=7231061]
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        Good idea and very nice pictures for the Top10, well choosen one.
        This was the year for me with my new camera 50D.
        I made a lot of pictures this year so maybe i can make a top 20 but will only do a Top10.

        10. The year that i visited LHR for the first time.
        9.What's a Top10 without an A380
        8.The year that i took my first nightshots at CDG
        7.A picture that i like because of the great wingflex from the 777
        6.Foggy conditions on a early morning at LFPO
        5.Eva Air send in their specials many times this year, this one was special for me because of the lovely light
        4. Not only nr.4 is a Qatar
        3.Was so happy with capturing this Dash at Zurich in great lightconditions
        2.The year that i went to Zurich and lucky i catched this beauty witch unfortunatly isn't here anymore.
        1.Qatar Cargo in beautifull light is my nr.1



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          My top ten for 2011 is a combination favorite personal shots and nice log book fillers.

          10.Capturing three Sata aircraft in the one frame at Dublin.

          9.Getting one of the first shots of EuroAtlantic's 777 in full colours.

          8.Delivery of the 300th 737-800 for Ryanair.

          7.Smartest looking aircraft to visit Dublin in 2011.

          6.Just a favorite of mine from 2011.

          5.I was glad to get a nice shot of this rare visitor to Dublin.

          4.Other than Sun airports this year had visited Heathrow,Frankfurt and for the first time I made it to Madrid.It was great to get some new aircraft from the Americas.

          3.The visit to Ireland of President Obama back in May brought with it a variety of US military aircraft.

          2.A visit by two soccer teams from Oporto in a cup final brought in a great variety of aircraft from various European airlines.

          1.Setting eyes for the first time in nearly 36 years the Aer Lingus retro scheme that dates back to their first jet aircraft the Boeing 720-048.

          Happy Christmas and New Year to all and thanks to the Crew for all their efforts


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            Good idea

            Really not a good spotting year for me in 2011, just a few spotting days, not many pictures, but here my top 10

            10. My most "spectacular" picture of the year

            9. Seen in a Entertainement Parc

            8. My first face to face with a 777 in LUX

            7. My most "smoky" picture

            6. A nice wide-angle picture

            5.Always nice to see a E-3A

            4. A lost guy

            3. Last sun rays

            2. A nice Ethiopian Dc-10

            1. The visit of the French soccer team in Luxembourg



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              It's been a decent 2011 for me and I've had a really enjoyable year which is what counts. After ordering the Canon 7D on the last day of 2010, I've had a full year to get to grips and play with the new toy.

              10. A bit of luck helped with this one.

              9. Decent light and one of my favourite angles from Heathrow.

              8. My first venture out with the 7D mixed with some nice light.

              7. I liked the contrasting sky and rain clouds during this particular morning in Lanzarote.

              6. A few days in Copenhagen during a spell of summer weather allowed me to catch this big red bird.

              5. An airline I'd always wanted to photograph, but up until now had managed to evade me several times at Amsterdam. Finally caught it at Dublin and with my favourite light aswell.

              4. The first rays of sun on the last day of a great week in Lanzarote. I just happened to be visiting when a new higher perimeter fence was being constructed. Bah humbug!

              3. Another early morning at Dublin, nice golden sky and some luck with panning. The strobe was an added bonus. A cold morning but worth the early wake up call.

              2. I really like the light and angle on this one, one of my first evenings spent at Dublin despite 20+ visits in the past.

              1. Staying up all night and catching an overnight bus to Dublin paid dividends on this particular day. Also my 3000th upload to the database.

              I'm already looking forward to 2012!



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                I was pretty happy to snap this puppy before Royal Brunei finished up serving Perth [photoid=7244706]
                Chogm 2011 provided with some exotic aircraft to my home airport
                Getting one of the 2 Garuda old colours was a treat
                Snapping a great shot of a 146 like what a lot of European photographer managed to get
                I was out at a fire and managed to snap some great action shots of the water bombing helicopters
                I was happy how this turned out as it was very windy and the aircraft was moving all about.


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                  With a lot of major priorities happening this year, spotting was greatly reduced but I did get a bit in.

                  3 This came to Florida and was within 200 miles of my home, so "road-trip".
                  2 I was on a LAX trip in May when news of this came. It was only 15 min drive from where I was staying.
                  1 I made a 2hr drive to KTPA one evening, the runway for evening shots was closed so I just happened to catch this one.
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                    From my various travels.....and just for Gerardo, a couple from Popham....

                    In no particular order.....

                    1. A surprise visitor...


                    2. Boarding from the tarmac has its benefits....


                    3. Just as I turned up she came out of the hangar for a flight....


                    4. I love these old 3 holers. Took me 13 days trying to get a shot...


                    5. And another 3 holer on a rather dull day...


                    6. Shooting thru terminal glass can be awkward. This one took some detailed cleaning up...


                    7. Just love the Russian iron...


                    8. There has to be an A380 in here...


                    ....and finally....two for Gerardo....

                    9. Large GA at Popham


                    10. ...and the biggest mutha of a single prop. Starting procedure includes the ground marshals shouting "Start, you piece of Russian shit" Works every time !!


                    ........................ and finally my personal most recent favourite........


                    ..and all of these came about as a result of this, my very first upload............

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                      Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
                      9. Large GA at Popham

                      Great Pc-12 shot Brian just love this aircraft can be flown VFR on a PPL(with a check)and can drop down into St.Barth's after a flight from Southern U.S.states
                      Lucky Sod getting a Brasilian Herc at GCLP.


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                        Originally posted by brianw999 View Post
                        From my various travels.....and just for Gerardo, a couple from Popham....
                        Thanks, Brian. You know, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, when I say ... why did that CF card not break up in pieces then?
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                          Whahaha lol


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                            Hi! Nice thread here

                            So my 10 favourits are, the order is not essential













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                              Some lovely shots here..not quite ten but I think my best of 2011








                              And last easily my shot of the last few years after much planning..


                              Merry Christmas all!